Staff Training and Development (Strategic Initiative)

Project Objectives

  • Establish a library-wide committee to enhance staff training and development.
  • Create or coordinate the delivery of T&D opportunities.
  • Operationalize the individual training plans concept piloted with the TMG group to one or more additional groups (with the intention of eventually reaching all staff)



 Project Linked to the Following University Library Strategic Objectives

  • #7:   Develop Highly-Trained, Technologically-Fluent, Superlative Staff
  • #8:   Nurture a Healthy, Collaborative Dynamic Work Pace


Project Lead:

  • Melanie Garaffa

Project Members:

  • Vivian Lewis


Consult with

  • TMG Supervisors for purposes of pilot

Project Scope (work the project will include and not include)

  •   Will focus on employee-driven core training (training required by a given unit or group of staff to do their jobs successfully).  If successful, could be expanded to include employee-driven training aspirations.

Project Risks (circumstances or events outside the project team's control that will have a high adverse impact on the project if they occur)



Obstacles / Constraints (known constraints imposed by environment, management, etc.)

  •   Funding for training programs


Critical Milestones / Achievements                                                                     Proposed Dates

  • Ask supervisors of TMG staff to use the training form in conjunction with the annual performance review process.  Use as strategy for gathering input re optional training needs. (June 2011)
  • Source training opportunities (June 2011)
  • Deliver training (July - December 2011)
  • Survey pilot group (success in meeting requirements, satisfaction with program, etc.) (Dec. 2011)
  • Make recommendations to Leadership Team re expansion to other staff groups (Jan. 2012)


Preliminary Assessment Plan (what quantitative or qualitative tools will you use to determine if you are successful?)

  •  Proportion of training requirements completed
  • Satisfaction with process, deliverables



Project Update December 1, 2011