Learning Support


Project Objectives

1.  Revise the Blended Learning pilot modules in response to assessment feedback.

2.  Build numeracy module(s). (SUMMER / FALL 2012)

3.  Formulate a plan for operationalizing the Library’s online learning program based on the success of the pilot modules. What criteria should be used to identify new courses (now that the large first-year courses are largely done)? What more light-weight technologies can be used to deliver online content to smaller upper-level courses?  Can the expertise housed in the Lyons New Media Centre be used to support some online learning initiatives?  Can the pilot modules be unbundled for use in multiple courses?  Can modules be added to the public website for easy access by faculty at McMaster and beyond?  Can the same infrastructure be used to support library services (e.g., how to use the self-check machines…)? How should the program be marketed to faculty? What is the ongoing plan for assessing the effectiveness of the modules?  Submit the recommendations to the Library Leadership Group. [DEFER UNTIL 2013]


Project Linked to the Following Strategic Initiatives

  • #1:   Integrate the Library into the University's Teaching, Learning and Research Mission


Project Lead

  • TBD


Project Members

  • A. Colgoni
  • J. Maclachlan
  • J. Brodeur


Consult with:

All library staff providing instruction to undergraduate students

Centre for Leadership in Learning staff

Associate University Librarian, Library and Learning Technologies (Dale Askey)

Joe Kim, Asst. Professor, Psychology

Centre for Student Development (re Accessibility)

Lorna Turcotte, Libraries Services for Students with Disabilities (Accessibility)


Project Scope (work the project will include and not include)

  • Report will include communication plan and assessment plan.


Project Risks (circumstances or events outside the project team's control that will have a high adverse impact on the project if they occur)

  • The success of the initiative will depend on getting faculty input and buy-in.
  • The success of the initiative will depend on adequate resources (staff time, $, expertise).
  • The success of the initiative will depend on library staff being able to deliver effective instruction in a blended environment (may require training).


Obstacles / Constraints (known constraints imposed by environment, management, etc.)

  • No obstacles envisioned for completing the report
  • Could be obstacles to implementing possible recommendations (e.g., technological, financial, staffing)


Critical Milestones / Achievements                                      Proposed Dates



Preliminary Assessment Plan (what quantitative or qualitative tools will you use to determine if you are successful?)

  • Student Survey (December 2011)
  • Faculty Interviews (December 2011)
  • Faculty Focus Group (December 2011)