Institutional Repository (Strategic Initiative)

Strategic Initiative January 20, 2012 


Project Objectives

  • Pursue broad-based campus awareness and use of the Institutional Repository.
  • Update the marketing plan to reflect priorities and current staffing, incorporating campus input.  
  •  Begin 2nd phase of the eTheses submission pilot.  
  •  Complete systematic digitization of historical print theses in Mills.  
  •  Begin planning for digitization of theses in Thode.



Project Linked to the Following Strategic Objectives

  • #1:   Integrate the Library into the University's Teaching, Learning and Research Mission
  • #2:   Improve Discovery of and Access to Scholarly Resources 


Project Lead(s)

  • Wade Wyckoff (community lead)


Project Members

  • Olga Perkovic


Consult with

  • Kathy Ball (assessment) 


Project Scope (work the project will include and not include)  

  •   Project will focus on creating effective infrastructure, not on securing additional content. 


Project Risks (circumstances or events outside the project team's control that will have a high adverse impact on the project if they occur)

  •  Institutional Repository based on proprietary software.  Company ownership could change. 


Obstacles / Constraints (known constraints imposed by environment, management, etc.)

  • Time:  finding time to work on project
  • Staffing
  • Training:  Many of the issues (e.g., copyright) are complex.  Will require significant training opportunities. 
  • Community Buy-In:  Encouraging deposit in the absence of an institutional mandate.  Concerns associated with the impact on Promotion & Tenure. 


Critical Milestones / Achievements                                      Proposed Dates

  • eThesis Pilot Phase 2 (full review including peer revision)  2012 (pilot group of departments)
  • Determine who will support the Institutional Repository (Summer 2011)
  • Develop and deliver training for staff responsible for supporting the Repository


Preliminary Assessment Plan (what quantitative or qualitative tools will you use to determine if you are successful?)

  •  Library Scorecard Measure # 1.1   (New Content in the Institutional Repository)
  • Library Scorecard Measure # 2.2  (Downloads from the Institutional Repository)


  Status Update May 1, 2011