Digitization Program (Strategic Initiative)

Status Update January 20, 2012 

Project Objectives
  • Develop and implement digital repository infrastructure (technology, staffing, etc.)  
  •  Develop and implement digital repository ingest requirements.  
  •  Develop best practices and workflows for the program.  
  •  Set clear goals for digitizing collections to meet donor expectations. 


Project Linked to the Following Strategic Objectives

  • #1:   Integrate the Library into the University's Teaching, Learning and Research Mission
  • #2:   Improve Discovery of and Access to Scholarly Resources


Project Lead

  • Wade Wyckoff (community lead)



Project Members

  • Rick Stapleton (Research Collections)
  • Dale Askey
  • John Fink (IT infrastructure)


Consult with

  • Kathy Ball (assessment) 
  • Marlene Mastragostino (budget)


Project Scope (work the project will include and not include)

  •   focus on strategic approach to content rather than on technical aspects of digitization. 


Project Risks (circumstances or events outside the project team's control that will have a high adverse impact on the project if they occur)

  •   Could recommend developments without adequate funding to support them


Obstacles / Constraints (known constraints imposed by environment, management, etc.)

  • Equipment:  Need large-scale scanning equipment to support some specialized content (e.g., maps)
  • Staffing:  Getting sufficient access to equipment in support of library digitization work.    


Critical Milestones / Achievements (2011- )                           Proposed Dates

  • Create guidelines for evaluating proposed digitization projects (Summer 2011)
  • Determine workflows (Summer 2011)
  • Present proposed digitization philosophy statement to Library Leadership Group (June 2011)
  • Conduct digitization / preservation workshop (June 2011)
  • Create a marketing and communication plan for McMaster digital collections (Feb. / Mar. 2012)
  • Create a process for the McMaster community to suggest digitization targets (2012)
  • Create a webpage for McMaster community members to request "digitization on demand" (2012)  


Preliminary Assessment Plan (what quantitative or qualitative tools will you use to determine if you are successful?)

  • number of requests coming in through the "digitize on demand" webpage
  • number of suggestions coming in from library and community re digitization priorities
  • establishment of priorities for future digitization
  • creation of a marketing plan 


Status Update May 1, 2011