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Canadian postcards

Canadiana postcard collection. – [188-?]-[195-?]. – ca. 4,021 cards.

This collection of Canadian postcards was pieced together by Morris Norman, a Toronto chartered accountant and notable collector of Canadiana, over a period of 30 years. The cards were purchased by Mr. Norman from postcard and antiquarian dealers. The cards cover many subjects: sports; aerial views, transportation; disasters; military; union; police; construction projects; suffragettes; agriculture; businesses; bands and parades; Natives; forestry; etc. Some cards were mass-produced by companies in series, and some were done by local studios and photographers, often at the request of individuals or businesses.

There have been four accruals. The first accrual (46-2008) as been arranged primarily by province or geographic region, although two series (RCMP and Political) have a subject focus: Alberta, 207 cards; British Columbia, 202 cards; Eastern Canada, 198 cards; Manitoba, 155 cards; Newfoundland, 26 cards; Ontario, 1,843 cards; Political, 104 cards; Quebec, 149 cards; RCMP, 190 cards; Saskatchewan, 225 cards; Toronto, 279 cards; Yukon and North West Territories, 37 cards, totalling ca. 3,615 cards. The second accrual (50-2008) has been arranged as follows: Alberta, 3 cards; British Columbia, 9 cards; Eastern Canada, 4 cards; Manitoba, 3 cards; Ontario, 44 cards; Toronto, 15 cards; Quebec, 8 cards; Saskatchewan, 3 cards; Misc. Canada, 2 cards, totalling 91 cards. The third accrual (11-2010) has been arranged as follows: Alberta, 5 cards; British Columbia, 21 cards; Eastern Canada, 10 cards; Manitoba, 3 cards; Newfoundland, 1 card; Ontario, 115 cards; Toronto, 29 cards; Quebec, 11 cards; Saskatchewan, 11 cards; Yukon and North West Territories, 3 cards; miscellaneous Canada, 3 cards, totalling 212 cards. The fourth accrual (43-2011) has been arranged as follows: Canada, 11 cards (not geographic); RCMP, 1 card; ships and train, 3 cards; people, 2 cards; Alberta, 3 cards; British Columbia, 5 cards stapled together; Manitoba, 2 cards; New Brunswick, 6 cards; Newfoundland, 1 card; Nova Scotia, 2 cards; Ontario, 4 cards; Ontario, specific locations, 33 cards; Quebec, 16 cards; Saskatchewan, 1 card; Montreal, 2 sterocopic cards; Toronto, 13 cards (2 stereo); total 103 cards. This arrangement is a preliminary one, and the postcards may be re-arranged upon further examination.

Title based on content of the collection.
All four accruals were acquired from Morris Norman: the first two in 2008; the third in 2010; the fourth in 2011.
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Further accruals are expected.

Last Reviewed: November 23, 2011