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 Pamphlets collection. – [18–]-[19–]. – 4,113 items.
There have been two accruals. Most of the pamphlets (4,081) are in the first accrual. The pamphlets have been numbered by archival staff. The overwhelming majority of the collection deals with Canada. The subject matter is varied, and deals with many aspects of Canadian history, literature, social and political conditions. Included are pamphlets on religion and churches, all levels of government, elections, peace movements and war service, Communism, local communities and labour organizations to name but a few of the topics covered. Approximately 250 pamphlets date from before 1867. Several of the pamphlets are in the French language. Some pamphlets in this numbered collection have no relation to Canada; they are mainly British and American although a number of pamphlets concern Cuba and Third World countries. At least one pamphlet about Ireland is in Gaelic; a few pamphlets are in other languages.
Researchers may also want to consult the Communist pamphlets collection and the Pacifist pamphlets collection.

Title based on content of the collection.
The first accrual was acquired from various sources in the twentieth century. Many of the pamphlets were acquired from the Ontario Historical Society Library. Additions to the collection ended sometime after 1977 but before the end of the century. The second accrual (48-2011) contains 32 pamphlets and was acquired from Morris Norman in 2011.
Finding aid for the first accrual is available electronically in two parts. Most of the Canadian pamphlets from the first part of the numbered sequence were also listed in “Canadian Pamphlets in McMaster University Library”, Library Research News, Vol. 3, no. 6 (December 1976), Vol. 4, no. 1 (April 1977) and no. 2 (July 1977).
Digital images are available here.
There are no access restrictions.
Further accruals are not expected.

Last Reviewed: May 7, 2013