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Company of Young Canadians fonds.

Note: These files, previously owned by Douglas Ward, have been left largely in the original order.

Box 1:
F.1      Aims and Principles
Organization chart
Memo, August 10,1966
Memo, September 2, 1966
Draft statement of aims and principles
Basis for a plan
A Project-Based Company
Letter of invitation
Doug Ward’s notes
Memo re aims and principles
Memo re confidentiality
Proposal for Personnel Committee
Proposal re Volunteer per diem
Memo re Volunteer Guide
Memo re attendance at Council meetings
Draft statement of aims and principles (2)
Notes on Working Group
D. Ward’s notes
Memo re plans and priorities
Notes re “Follow-up”
Memo re Project Criteria
Memo re CYC business Notes on research
Notes on committees
Yellow Point Regional Conference
Memo re Communications and Records
Memo re Orientation
Press release, October 17, 1967
Memo for Mr. McWhinney
CYC Travel Regulations
Memo re Financial & Administrative Control Manual
Resolutions re Provisional Council (2)
CYC By-laws
Material received from Organizing Committee
Question sheet

F.2      Organizing Committee Report (3 copies)

F. 3     Acts of parliament, etc.
Hansard (Senate), July 5, 1966
Hansard, June 10, 1966
Hansard, June 16, 1966
Hansard, January 9, 1967
Excerpt from Hansard, January 25, 1967
Excerpt from Hansard, May 31, 1967
Transcript from debates
Memo re questions in the House of Commons
Enabling legislation
Bill C-174 (2 copies)
Excerpt from Statutes (English and French)

F. 4     Policy Book
F. 5     Incoming correspondence, 1965-67 (arranged chronologically)
F. 6     Incoming correspondence, 1968-69 (arranged chronologically)
F. 7     Outgoing correspondence (arranged chronologically)

Box 2:
F.1      Executive Committee
Notices of meetings, agendas, and minutes of meetings (arranged chronologically)
F.2      Provisional Council
Minutes of meetings, agendas, and resolutions (arranged chronologically)
F.3      Provisional Council
Notebook re meeting of 11-12 January 1969
F. 4     Provisional Council
Memoranda and other miscellaneous material
F.5      Working Group
Minutes of meetings, 1966-67 (4)

F.6      Miscellaneous meetings (minutes, etc.)
F.7      International Programme
Correspondence, memoranda, etc. relating to the CYC’s international activities (arranged chronologically)

Box 3: Administrative Files
F.1      Recruitment
Summer Recruiting - English Canada
F.2      Research
Reports, memoranda and notes concerning research by the CYC
F.3      Budgets
F.4      Expenses, Per Diems
F.5      Personnel
Reports, memoranda, minutes of Personnel Committee of the Provisional Council, staff lists, etc.

F.6      Leadership
Notes, memoranda, etc.
F.7      Executive Director
Memoranda, correspondence, curricula vitae, etc.
F.8      Doug Ward’s “Personal” file

Box 4: Administrative Files
F.1      Relations with the Government
Correspondence, memoranda, notes, etc.
F.2      Training
Reports and memoranda
F.3      Volunteer Support
Correspondence, etc.
F.4      Petition against the Vietnam War
F.5      Report on Admission to University, 1963

F.6      Administrative and Policy-Making Structure Project Costs:
West Central Toronto Cover Letter to City Editors
F.7      Training papers
F.8      Material from 3rd Training Programme
F.9      Material from 2nd Training Project
F.10    CYC Papers 1965-66

F.11    “The Helping Function”
F.12     “Notes on the Naturalization of Saul Alinsky” (3 copies)
F.13    “What Happened at Crystal Cliffs?”

Box 5: Projects
F.1      Selection
Memoranda and one report
F.2      Planning and Evaluation
F.3      Summary of Projects
F.4-23 Individual projects
The ACEF Project
Armstrong, Alberta Project
Deep River Project
Everdale Place
Indian and Metis Projects
Lanaudière Project
Nova Scotia Project
Petit Bourgogne Project
Projet Centre-East
Quebec Projects-General
CYC in Québec (dossier)
A Report on Rochdale College
Rochdale College proposal
Toronto Research Project
Toronto Research Project-Report
Vancouver Housing Project
Victoria Youth Project
Youth Village Project (St. Louis Square, Qué.)

Box 6:
F.1      CYC Structures
F.2      Public Relations
Memoranda, reports, notes, etc.
F.3      “S.U.P.A. and the C.Y.C.” (Jack Snell)
F.4      Annual Reports
1967 (3 copies)
1968 (4 copies)
F.5      Financial material

F.6      Various
F.7      Pamphlets and printed matter
F.8      Newspaper clippings
F.9      List of student organizations

Box 7:
Pamphlets and Printed Matter
Audio Cassette - located at 16LB, Box 2 (Audio Tapes Collection)
Posters - Map Cabinet 28.

Fonds Description

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