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Claire Culhane fonds. 1956-1976. 6.2 m of textual records and graphic material.

Box Listing: Listing of box labels except for articles and books which have individual file listings
Boxes 1-30, 47, Correspondence in chronological order
Box 32, Family Correspondence
Boxes 32-34, 49, Articles, manuscripts; box 49 also has photographs and Christmas cards
Box 33, Book manuscripts
Box 37, Circular letters, speeches, interviews, articles
Boxes 35-36, 38-44, 46, 50, Printed materials, including news clippings, runs of periodicals
Box 45, Letters to the editor
Box 48, Personal documents, photographs

Box 1
Correspondence February 1956
December 1968

Box 2
Correspondence January 1969
September 1969

Box 3
Correspondence October 1969
May 1970

Box 4
Correspondence June 1970
December 1970

Box 5
Correspondence January 1971
April 1971

Box 6
Correspondence May 1971
September 1971

Box 7
Correspondence October 1971
December 1971

Box 8
Correspondence January 1972
March 1972

Box 9
Correspondence April 1972
July 1972

Box 10
Correspondence August 1972
October 1972

Box 11
Correspondence November 1972
December 1972

Box 12
Correspondence January 1973
February 1973

Box 13
Correspondence March 1973

Box 14
Correspondence May 1973
June 1973

Box 15
Correspondence July 1973
September 1973

Box 16
Correspondence October 1973
December 1973

Box 17
Correspondence January 1974
March 1974

Box 18
Correspondence April 1974
July 1974

Box 19
Correspondence July 1974
August 1974

Box 20
Correspondence September 1974
October 1974

Box 21
Correspondence November 1974
December 1974

Box 22
Correspondence January 1975
February 1975

Box 23
Correspondence March 1975
June 1975

Box 24
Correspondence August 1975
November 1975

Box 25
Correspondence January 1976
April 1976

Box 26
Correspondence April 1976
June 1976
Note: Additional correspondence for June to September 1976 is in Box 47

Box 27
Correspondence September 1976
November 1976

Box 28
Correspondence December 1976

Box 29
Correspondence 1977

Box 30
May 1977

Box 31
Family Correspondence

Box 32
Published Articles:
Note: Files contain mainly tear-sheets; however a few have pre-publication typescripts and correspondence. Arrangement is roughly chronological.
“Will we
Wont We Should We Shouldnt We”, n .d.
“Canada au Vietnam,” translated by Catherine Germain and Hélène Girard, n.d.
Behead and Cure, Canadian Dimension, December 1968
Behead and Cure, Daily World, 33, no. 221, March 15, 1969
Canadas Complicity in Vietnam, Weekend Magazine, October 11, 1969
McGill Daily,
8,000 Bus to Ottawa in Protest Peace Weekend in Ottawa, February 27, 1970
The Editor, Vietnam Student Movement News, September 9, 1970
The Incredible Mr. Strong, Bias 12, no. 1, 1971
Article in Tar Paper, December 1971
Canada in Vietnam, written January 15, 1972

Review for Our Generation,
Canada and Vietnam, June 1973
Life Not Death Should Be Our Business, Weekend Magazine , July 3, 1971
Testimony in Reply to Charge of Creating a Disturbance, VOW Newsletter 8, no. 2, June 1971
“Canada’s Foreign Aid Programme to Vietnam”, article for Montreal Gazette
Claire Culhane on Vietnam, Feminist Communication Collective , December 1973
How Canada Torpedoed the Peace in Vietnam, Canadian Dimension 9, nos. 7 & 8, December 1973
The Present Situation in Indochina, speech, 15 September 1973
Parents without Partners, The Singleton Gazette, May 1973, speech notice, page 8
Articles and letters by Claire Culhane, WIN, May-June 1973
Canadians Must Be Ashamed, The Dalhousie Gazette 106, no. 15 January 11, 1974, p. 8
From the Tiger Cages of South Vietnam to the Hole of Oakella”, July 1974
One Has to Be Ashamed …, The Picaro, January 15, 1974

“Foreign Aid: A Device to Advance Imperialist Interests … Canada as a Junior Partner,

37th National Canadian University Press Conference December 1974

What Can We Do About the Tiger Cages in South Vietnam? The Mermaid, May 1975
Vietnam: Some Revealing News Items,Humanist in Canada, May-June 1975
Why Continue Aid? Peak, June 10, 1975
A Refreshing Contrast. Canada to Recognize PRG,The Peak, June 11, 1975
At SFU: Culhane Reports on Vietnam, Grading a Repressive Device, The Peak, June 18, 1975
Pledged Vietnamese Aid in Question,The Peak, June 25, 1975
Morgentaler Rally Thursday,The Peak, June 1975,
Women and Vietnam,Canadian Dimension, June 1975
Equality, Development, and Peace,” June 1975
We Dont Want the Hole and We Dont Want the ...,Western Voice, July 1975,
Note: Articles continue in Box 34

Box 33
Manuscripts and Drafts of Book:
“Why is Canada in Vietnam,” first draft
“Why is Canada in Vietnam,” second draft
“Why is Canada in Vietnam,” second last draft
“Why is Canada in Vietnam,” final manuscript sent to NC Press Toronto October 1972

Why is Canada in Vietnam: The Truth about our Foreign Aid (1972) copy of book
Une Québecoise au Vietnam (French translation of above; copy of book)

Correspondence, 1973, between Culhane and Gary Teeple re a proposed book with the working title of
Canadian Involvement in Indochina since 1954
Also books by
Rena Briand
The Waifs, No Tears to Flow: Woman at War

Box 34
Articles (continued)
“Presentation to the House Committee, with Reference to the Allocation of Funds to Provide Medical Assistance to the Children of Vietnam,” July 1973

Canada and Vietnam, Our Generation, July 4, 1973
B.C. Government Plans Will Aid Thieu, Grape, 2, no. 14, 18 July 1973
Sounds Unlikely…,” Notes for CBC Interview on Nuclear Testing, 28 August 1973
Canadian Involvement in Mekong area and others in South Vietnam”. Notes for Lecture at St. Marys University, Halifax, 13 September 1973
Statement issued at Press Conference, Montreal, 15 November 1973
“…Yes, its Hard, Montreal, 25 November 1973 re women prisoners released in Vietnam
A Visit to North and South Vietnam, October 6-November 12, 1973, Montreal, 26 November 1973
North Vietnam Receives Empty Promises, The Beacon, December 1973
“Questions relating to CIDA Program in South Vietnam Prepared by CC,” 11 December 1973

Women Prisoners in South Vietnam, The Beacon, February 1974
“Claire Culhane in Vietnam,” New Zealand Medical Aid Committee for Indochina Newsletter, no. 24, February 1974
Article submitted to the Montreal Gazette, February 4, 1974
North Vietnam Receives Empty Promises,Journal, St. Mary’s University 39, no. 19, February 13, 1974
How Canada Torpedoed the Peace Process in Vietnam, The Beacon, March 1974
VietnamTorture and Big Business, Humanist in Canada, no. 28, March 1974
One Has to Be Ashamed to Be a Canadian to Visit Quang Ngai Today,The Beacon, April 1974
Canadian Supervised Foreign Aid, Humanist in Canada, June 1974 (re Africa)
Alternative to Youths Cynicism, Humanist in Canada, July 13, 1974

Book review: Eve Smith
s Work and Environment
Branching Out: The Women of North Vietnam, March-April 1974, published with From her Own Corner” by Susan McMaster about Claire Culhane
Letters, Branching Out, November-December 1974
“What Are the Tiger Cages?, October 1974; includes correspondence
B.C. Government Hires Imperialist Agent, New Canada, October 1974
Radicalists and Environmentalists Unite, Warpath, October 1974
Forgotten War Continues Despite Cease Fire Pact, The Beacon, October 1974
Letter, Priorities November 1974
Canadian Supervised Foreign Aid, The Beacon, November 1974
Culhane Criticizes the Canadian Government, Poundmaker, 11 November 1974 (re Chile)
Woman – My Own Person”, outline of course for the Burnaby School Commission 29 November 1974

Youth – Alternative to Cynicism, The Beacon, December 1974
Herstory: Womens 1975 Calendar”, January 1975, blurb on Culhane
Voice of the People, Vancouver Province, January 8, 1975
Canada Must Support Paris Peace Agreement, The Peak, 23 January 1975
Canada Must Support Paris Peace Agreement”, The Peak, 27 January 1975
Canadas Responsibilities on the Second Anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement on Vietnam, The Beacon, February 1975
Opinion--Canada and the Paris Agreement, Vietnam Report, February 1975

President Fords State of the World Address,Viewpoint, April 1975
International Womens Year 1975, Canadian Dimension, 11 April 1975
Article for The Humanist, 15 April 1975
The Big Propaganda Machine Gives Its Own Form of Truth, The Vancouver Sun, April 19, 1975
Equality, Development and Peace,Branching Out, 25 April 1975
Preparations for Indochina, article for “Viewpoint”, CBC-TV Vancouver, May 3, 1975
Note: Additional articles are in Box 49

Box 35
Issues of the periodical Bulletin d’Information published in Paris, 1971-1972. See also box 44
Issues of the periodical Nouvelles du Laos / Laos News, 1971-1972. See also boxes 42-43
Issues of Khmer Monthly News, September and October 1972 only

Box 36
Press Clippings about Claire Culhane filed in chronological order

Box 37
Circular letters, speeches, interviews, notes, unpublished articles and articles by others

Box 38
International Commission of Enquiry into U.S. Crimes in Indochina
Proceedings of Sessions, Oslo, June 19-25, 1971

Box 39
Unofficial Translations of Paris Conference, Vietnam Speeches
Proceedings of the World Assembly of Paris for the Independence and Peace for the People of Indochina

Box 40
International Assembly of Christians
Indochina Issue, Milton Park Material

Box 41
Issues of the periodical Voice of Women / Voix des femmes

Box 42
Issues of the periodical Nouvelle de Laos / Laos News 1975

Box 43
Issues of the periodical Nouvelle de Laos / Laos News 1974

Box 44
Issues of the periodical Bulletin d
information, 1974-1975

Box 45
Letters to the Editor, various newspapers and periodicals, 1970-1975, tear-sheets and photocopies

Box 46
Press Clippings arranged by subject

Box 47
Correspondence, 1975-1976

Box 48
Personal documents, employment, student papers from Sir George Williams, photographs

Box 49
Drafts and correspondence for articles in Bias and This Magazine, 1973
“The Beginning,” second and third drafts, 6 June 1975 (re B.C. politics)
Drafts for articles in Musings and Makara, 1975
Information on Oakella Correction Institute, 1975
Photographs of anti-Nixon demonstration, Ottawa, 1972; Culhane is in some of them
Christmas cards, 1968-1973

Box 50
Printed materials from various organizations

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