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Gisela Commanda fonds. – 1937-1993; 1961-1979 predominant. – 2.08 m of textual records, graphic material and realia.

Series 1:
Correspondence. – [195-]-1993 – 32 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.
This series has been sorted into chronological rather than alphabetical order to reflect the autobiographical sequence of Commanda’s writings. Many letters were physically integrated (with dressmaker’s pins or safety pins) into the autobiography/journal series and some are in the “book” series; Commanda requested that her correspondents return her own letters for this purpose. Most files have both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Full names have been supplied from internal evidence where possible.

Box 1 Correspondence, 1950s-1964
F.1 1950s, concerning properties and possessions in England, 6 items.
F.2 1958-1962, letters from “Big White Owl”, “Tommy Turtle”,10 items, some incomplete.
F.3 1960s, letters from Phoebe Hyde, Rose Willis, Natalie Duddington, 3 items.
F.4 [1960s], letters from Gerry Gambill (Rarihokwats), 2 items.
F.5 1960-1961, includes letters to/from Phoebe Hyde, Ruby Dennison (Chapman?), Miss Farley, 7 items.
F.6 1961, letters are with a folder entitled “My Holiday 61”, letters to and from Phoebe, 4 items and folder.
F.7 1961, 3 letters to Phoebe and 1 from Ruby, 4 items.
F.8 1961, letters to Phoebe and Miss Farley, two from Phoebe (now Erskine MacKellar), 4 items.
F.9 1961-1962, letters from Helen Black, Nellie Heath, Jack (Hayes?), John (Jack) and Olga (Willis) and Phoebe, 6 items.
F.10 1961-1962, letters to and from Phoebe, from Carol Roy, to various recipients (“Xmas round letter”) in England, to and from Nellie Heath, 7 items and 2 annotated folders.
F.11 1962, letter to Phoebe and from Sheila Prudhomme, 2 items.
F.12 1962, letters to Phoebe, Ruby and Betty Des Jardins (North Bay Nugget, on Indian culture), 4 items.
F.13 1962, letters from Phoebe, Earle Borden, Ruby, John and Olga (Willis), with notes by G.C., 5 items and annotated folder.
F.14 1962,- letters to and from Phoebe, to Mrs. Richard and Mr. Reid, from Betty Alcorn, 6 items, with envelope addressed to North Bay Nugget.
F.15 1963, letters to and from Ruby and Phoebe, 4 items, with annotated folder. Ruby’s letter encloses 2 photographs of Howard and Valerie.
F.16 1962-1963, letters to Herbert Moran, “External Aid Office of Canada” and John Munro, notes of speech and transcription of an article about Indians, 4 items and annotated folder.
F.17 1963, January, letters from Jane Beaucage, Helen Foster, Rose Commanda, Rita Panasse, and Pauline, 5 items
F.18 1963, Feb./August, letters to/from Phoebe and Hilda, 8 items.
F.19 1963, April/May, letter to Miss Edgar with autobiographical notes, 2 items.
F.20 1963, May, G.C. letter to Johnathon.
F.21 1963, May/September, letters to/from Phoebe and Carl Lidblom, Sweden, 5 items.
F.22 1963, June/July, letters to/from Phoebe and Hilda, 11 items.
F.23 1963, July, letters to/from Isaac Beaulieu (Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada), 3 items.
F.24 1963, August, letters to Phoebe regarding Hilda’s visit with G.C.’s notes, 4 items and annotated folder.
F.25 1963-64, Christmas letters from: René Bedard, Louie Martin, Phyllis Kitchen, Rita Penasse, and later letters to Ruby and Phoebe, and from Mrs. E. Austin, 10 items and annotated folder.
F.26 Indian News and Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada Bulletin, 1960s, 2 items.

Box 2 Correspondence, 1968-1979
Earlier correspondence forms part of the journal series which follows this one.
F.1 1968, July-December, letters to Ruby and Phoebe, 8 items.
F.2 1968-1969, letters from Phoebe and John Willis, L. Winger, Enid Houghton; letters to Phoebe and Ruby, 6 items, notes and annotated folder.
F.3 1969, letters to and from Ruby and Phoebe, from Uta Borkhoff and Laurine Freeman, to and from Louis Martin, and to Anne.
F.4 1969-1974, Pension and social welfare correspondence, 10 items.
F.5 1970-1972, letters from Francis Chapman (re death of Ruby) and Sharon; to Richard Lancaster, from Bruno Morawetz, to unidentified re Susan Espaniel, from Linda Commanda, 7 items.
F.6 1970-1972, letters to and from Phoebe, also letter cards and postcards, 12 items.
F.7 1970-1975, correspondence with National Museum of Man regarding GC’s artefacts and manuscripts, 16 items.
F.8 1971-1972, letters from Geraldine, Susan, and Theresa Commanda, outgoing letters include Christmas letter Nov. 1971; to Enid, and to Louis Martin, 5 items.
F.9 1972, letters from Mrs. Frank Beaucage, Gerry Gambill (Rarihokwats), Charlotte McLeod, Linda Commanda, Susan and 2 letters to Phoebe.
F.10 1972, letter to Mrs. Winger.
F.11 1973, letter from Sue and Jim Espaniel, letters from social services, 3 items.
F.12 1973, letters to and from Sally Weaver, University of Waterloo, 3 items.
F.13 1973, August 15, Petition for Divorce, GC from Antoine Commanda, 1 item.
F.14 1975, January, copy of Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute re. divorce, and account, 4 items.
F.15 1975, April, letter from Charlotte McLeod re death of Antoine Commanda..
F.16 1976, February, letters from (cousin) Uta Borkhoff and Francis Chapman, card from Phoebe, 3 items.
F.17 1977, letter from Edward W. Blackmore re Indians, B. (Uti and Mandoo) Cyriax, Phoebe, greeting cards and envelopes, draft letters by GC, obituary for Alphonse Lagroix, 20 items.
F.18 1978, circular letter from Don and Ruth Graham.
F.19 1979, letters or cards from B. Cyriax, M.K. Aylwin (Bit), R and U. Borkhoff, Timothy and Enid, Don and Ruth Graham, 7 items.
F.20 Undated letter cards from Enid and Phoebe, 2 items.
F.21 Undated greeting cards, 8 items.
F.22 Envelopes addressed to friends, unused.
F.23 Correspondence related to Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Historical Society, 1993, re. GC’s collection.

Series 2:
Autobiography/Journal notes. – 1960-1968 – 32 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.
These notes have been sorted chronologically wherever possible, according to the date of the events described, although many segments appear to have been rewritten several times, often long after the events themselves. Many segments pertain to GC’s planned work on “Fixall” (René Bedard) but the notes are physically attached to notes on other topics made at the same time. The “final” versions appear as “books” in series 3. All are written on one side of lined paper torn from the “10 cent scribblers” GC always used. The notes are interleaved with correspondence

Box 3 1960-1962
F.1 1960-1961, includes letters and drafts of letters to Phoebe, parts of Fixall’s biography, 11 segments, and 2 annotated folders.
F.2 1961, includes account of meeting with Miss Louie Martin, notes from Sage’s account of the Constitution of the Six Nations Confederacy, notes on Fixall, Sage and Miss Martha (Miss Louie), journal entries, 14 segments and annotated folder.
F.3 1961-1962, Border Crossing, Niagara Falls: Names and addresses of people GC met there, 1 segment and annotated folder.
F.4 1961, January-March, 4 segments of journal entries and 3 annotated folders.
F.5 1961, February, 14 segments of journal entries, letter to Ruby and annotated folder, mostly concerning early days in Brantford (1955-61), Fixall and Bayrum.
F.6 1961, April-July, notes on Sage and Miss Martha, 3 annotated folders, one concerning the Border Crossing.
F.7 1961, May, rewritten journal, starting “Jack Comes”. Describes visit of Jack and Olga Willis.
F.8 1961, May-October, 5 segments of journal entries and 6 annotated folders.
F.9 1961, September, 3 segments of journal entries and annotated folder.
F.10 1961, September-1962, June, 5 segments of journal entries and 2 annotated folders, mostly about Fixall, also 2 letters to Phoebe and one from her.
F.11 1962, January-April, 5 segments of journal entries.
F.12 1962, February, 2 segments of journal entries, also letters from Phoebe and Jack and Olga Skey Willis (3), and letter by GC to Canada Council on behalf of Jack Willis, her former pupil.
F.13 1962, June, 2 segments of journal entries, Bayrum and Johnathan.
F.14 1962, July-August, large collection (pinned together) of journal entries and letter to Phoebe re. Border Crossing, August 1962.
F.15 1962, July, 4 segments of journal entries and annotated folder: “Indian-Eskimo Holiday at Lucinda Reid’s”.

Box 4 1962-1968
F.1 1962, July, large collection of (pinned together) journal entries and folder annotated “July 21st 62, Border Crossing Celebration”.
F.2 1962, July, sketches and annotated folder: “Clinton Rickard’s House, Sketches, July 1962 while staying at the house”.
F.3 1962, August, large collection of (pinned together) journal entries (related to Book 26F) and 2 letters from Phoebe.
F.4 1962, September-1963, January, 4 segments of journal entries, 3 letters to Phoebe and 3 annotated folders.
F.5 1962, October-November, notes, clippings and other materials related to the 3rd National Conference of the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada.
F.6 1962, October-December, journal entries and notes, including interview with Isaac Beaulieu, copy of legal deed re. Nipissing Band (1907), clippings re. GC and Nipissing Band, annotated folder.
F.7 1963, January-February, 2 segments of journal entries (Fixall biography), rewritten portion of the Fixall “book”, letter to Aunt Paula, materials relating to speech of Isaac Beaulieu, Indian-Eskimo Association.
F.8 1963, February, notes on radio interview with Anahareo, wife of Grey Owl.
F.9 1963, February, segment of journal – Fixall’s biography.
F.10 1963, July-October, materials relating to GC’s journey across Canada, including letter from Indian and Métis Friendship Centre, letter by GC to Ruby describing her stay in Winnipeg, 2 annotated folders, tickets, receipts and notes.
F.11 1966, “Fragment from Blood Indian Sundance, Alberta, 1966”, rewritten version and annotated folder; folder indicates that this segment was sent to Ruby Dennison.
F.12 1966, “Fragment from Blood Indian Sundance, Allberta, 1966”, typed version of handwritten text above.
F.13 1967, “Fragment from 1967 Sundance of the Bloods”, with story from Jim Low Horn and sketch.
F.14 1967, Spring-August, segment of journal entitled “My life and problems and work”, with letter from Beryl [Dudman?] attached.
F.15 1968, Sundance, 5 segments of journal entries and annotated folder.
F.16 1968, “Cardston Epic”, journal segment, Sundance, May 1968, also 2 letters to Ruby, June and July 1968.
F.17 1968, July 31- August 11, “Black Buffalo Tee Pee sketches for Blood Sun Dance, 1968”, sketches, notes and annotated folder.
F.18 Undated journal segment.

Series 3:
“Books” and notes for books. -- 1954-[197-]. – 96 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.
Gisela Commanda seems never to have published any of her writings but, using her journals and letters as her foundation, she worked and reworked this material into a series of book manuscripts. Not all of these manuscripts have survived; she moved restlessly about Canada for much of her life and her letters and journals contain frequent references to suitcases full of material being left in the care of friends. Most of the books seem to have been autobiographical, but most of those which have survived focus on the story of Fixall. They were received tightly packed into recycled cereal boxes, serving as file folders, neatly labeled and numbered on the “spines”, although frequently the box descriptions did not match the box contents. Almost all of the material, like the letters and journals, is written by hand.

Box 5 6 Nations - a work of autobiography.
F.1 Account entitled “Sequence of my autobiographical Books by Gisela Commanda”, 6 page list, dated 18 February 1968. This outline is also a useful guide to GC’s travels after leaving England, although there are few dates provided.
F.2 Indian Psychology and Outlook; How Indian Minds Educate. “Written for Father Andre Renaud when I heard that he was going to instruct teachers on Indians at summer course”. Thick pile of notes and observations, stitched together in 3 sections and contained in labelled folder. Letter from Father Renaud dated May 15 1963, pinned to the inside of the folder, returning the notes.
F.3 “Genealogy of the Martin Family – by Miss Louie Martin (Miss Martha in my book)”,
list of family connections, as dictated by Louie Martin, together with some stories, as told by her. Typescript, 22 p., with annotated folder.
F.4 6 Nations by Gisela Commanda: “Synopsis of the 12 volumes of autobiography and Indian study I wrote while living on 6 Nations Reserve, Ont., from Feb. 54 to Jan. 57”. Account of living with Miss Martin and her recollections, 12 p. with annotated folder.
F.5 “Miss Martha’s Recollections”, rough notes. Many brief segments, pinned and stitched together, enclosed in annotated folder.
F.6 6 Nations, “From Vol. 7, Miss Martha, 1954: I become acquainted with Johnathan”; handwritten notes with a brief typewritten section stitched to them, enclosed in annotated folder.
F.7 More recollections of Miss Louie Martin, including drafts of the genealogy of the Martin family and drafts of her stories, enclosed in annotated folder.
F.8 “Volume 6: Norman Jamieson – Indian name Ha-do-wee”, notes pinned together and contained in a folder, accompanied by a letter [incomplete, lacking signature page, from Kim Oakeshott?], 23 December 1968, with news of Jack Hayes and John Willis.
F.9 6 Nations, “Extracts from Vol. 10, Sage at House of the Bear, Nov. 54 - July 55”; stories of legends, feasts and rituals in annotated folder.
F.10 6 Nations, “notes from books” in annotated folder.
F.11 6 Nations, list of real names of characters in 6 Nations books.
F.12 “Miss Martha 15, revised”, segment on “Johnathan in the Spring”, joined with safety pin.
F.13 Notes on books read.
F.14 6 Nations, “Recollections of Miss Louie, Book 10”, 9 segments, each stitched together. Carefully rewritten version, accompanied by letter from Sally M. Weaver, University of Waterloo, January 6 1975, regarding the manuscript.
F.15 6 Nations, “Recollections of Miss Louie”, 6 segments, each stitched together. These segments seem to follow the sequence established in the previous folder.
F.16 6 Nations, “Recollections of Miss Louie”, part 3, 9 segments, numbered 12-19.

Box 6 Mohawk Autobiography - an account of GC’s early years in Canada
F.1 “Mohawk Autobiography by Mrs. Ishqua”, “1st Part: Chapters 1 - 9”, [this was probably the volume referred to as Book of Ishqua in the outline account above].
Actually 6 chapters present, all neatly handwritten with a “table of contents” for each, each chapter pinned together with safety pins, all enclosed in annotated folder.
F.2 Mohawk Autobiography, Part 2, 8 further chapters, no contents pages.
F.3 Mohawk Autobiography, Part 3, chapters 7-9
F.4 Mohawk Autobiography, chapters 10-14
F.5 Mohawk Autobiography, chapters 15-17
F.6 Mohawk Autobiography, chapters 18-22
F.7 Mohawk Autobiography, chapters 23-25
F.8 Mohawk Autobiography, chapters 25-27, with annotated folder for chapters 10-27

House of Bear. This seems to be a variation on the 6 Nations books; it contains much of the same material and many of the same characters, including Sage and Miss Martha.
F.9 House of the Bear, Part 1, revised. The various parts of the book are written, as usual, on blue lined “scribbler” paper and each part is stitched together in the top left corner. 2 parts, stitched together, and annotated folder.
F.10 House of the Bear, Parts 2-4
F.11 House of the Bear, Parts 5-6
F.12 House of the Bear, Parts 7-9
F.13 House of the Bear, Parts 10-13
F.14 House of the Bear, “Extracts from Volume Ten”, 12 typed pages.

Box 7
Alfonso, told by himself . This seems to be one of the latest of GC’s books; evidence in the letters suggests that she met Alfonso when she was in a nursing home in Cornwall during the 1970s.
F.1 Alfonso, told by himself, accounts of his early life, 10 short segments, joined with safety pins, in an exercise book folder.
F.2 Alfonso, told by himself , one long segment with 3 other fragments, in an exercise book folder.
F.3 Alfonso by GC. Earlier drafts are in Alfonso’s own words; in this segment GC has summarized his story.

Fixall - This biography of René Bedard seems to have been the focus of much of GC’s literary effort, but it may also be that variants of the other books have not survived as fully as this one. The same events are often described in many different versions and are represented in various stages from rough notes to fair (handwritten) copy. In some later versions the “Fixall” name (the name of Bedard’s business and hence of the man himself) has been replaced by Delfin. Also in later versions the “books” are numbered, and it is clear that even this most fully surviving example of GC’s writing is missing perhaps half of the original sections.
F.4 Sketches and visual material, 1961-1963, 4 annotated folders: 3 are empty, the last contains annotated sketches relating to Fixall’s home.
F.5 Fixall chronology: lengthy series of notes.
F.6 “Dates of F’s life for reference”: notes in annotated folder.
F.7 “Dates for my autobiography and dates of F’s life”: 3 annotated folders (one made from a cereal box) and 7 segments of notes.
F.8 June-August 1960, notes on Fixall, including GC’s first meeting with him (date of June ‘60 on the first folder must be in error if first meeting took place in August).
F.9 1960-61, one annotated folder in fact contains a letter from Phoebe, a letter from GC and a card regarding the death of Herb Martin. A second folder contains a long letter to Phoebe from GC with an account of Sage (Herb Martin) and Fixall, and a reply from Phoebe. The third folder contains Fixall notes re. the 1930s and is marked “F book 22”.
F.10 1961, Fixall notes, 6 segments of his recollections.
F.11 1960-1962, Notes on Fixall, including early home life and chronology of his time in Brantford, 8 segments in annotated folder.
F.12 1960-61, 3 segments of notes, also annotated folder which actually contains GC’s November 1960 “round letter” and another of February 1961 which has been stitched to it.
F.13 Notes for Fixall book, 1961-63, 6 annotated folders: 2 are empty, others contain notes on various aspects of Fixall’s life. The last, dated July 1963, is numbered “Book 29”.
The last item in this box is a sample of the annotated cereal box containers in which much of the material arrived: this one is marked “Book 22, F, August-December 1960”.

Box 8
F.1 1961, March-July, Fixall notes, 9 segments, including “Original rough”, 27 April 1961, annotated folder of incidents in April 1961 and letter to Phoebe dated 25 July ‘61.
F.2 1961, March-November, Fixall notes, 4 long segments and folder marked “Pieces from Delfin” containing notes about books 23 to 26.
F.3 1961, April-August, Fixall notes, This material was contained in a recycled cereal box marked “Delfin3 – The Strange story of a fixall man”, 10 segments, including a letter from Nellie, dated July 28 1961 and extracts from an August letter to Jack and Olga.
F.4 1961, August-September, Fixall notes, 20 segments, some lengthy, all involving Fixall or Johnathan.
F.5 1961, September-November, Fixall notes, 9 segments.
F.6 1961, October, Fixall notes, 2 segments.
F.7 1961, October, Fixall notes,1 segment.
F.8 1961, October, Fixall notes, 4 segments.
F.9 1961, July-November, Fixall notes, 5 segments.
F.10 1962, January, Fixall notes, 4 short segments.
F.11 1962, March, Fixall notes, 1 segment.
F.12 1962, March-April, Fixall notes, 5 segments.
F.13 1962 [or 1961?], Fixall notes, 2 segments.

Box 9
F.1 1962, March-May, Fixall notes, 1 short and one very long segment (75 p. approx.),
includes letter by GC to Phoebe (11 May ‘62) and Phoebe’s reply (19 May ‘62)
and annotated folder dated 1952 (likely error for1962)
F.2 1962, April-June, Fixall notes, 2 segments.
F.3 1962, April-June, Fixall notes, 5 segments.
F.4 1962, May 1962, Fixall notes, 1 long segment, (15 p. approx).
F.5 1962, July, Fixall notes,1 segment.
F.6 1962, August, Fixall notes,1 segment.
F.7 1963, February-April, Fixall notes, 6 segments, with a folder annotated “F April 63, Book 29a”.
F.8 1963, February-August, Fixall notes, 4 segments.
F.9 1963, February-June, Fixall notes, 3 segments.
F.10 Good (transcribed) copy of April-August 1962, in 2 unmarked scribblers.
F.11 “Extracts from ‘Delfin’”, rewritten and original segments, 1962-1963, with 2 folders, one annotated.
F.12 “Extracts from ‘Delfin’”, list of “real and book names” and long rewritten segment, filling entire scribbler, 1963.
F.13 “Electric Notes” and circuit sketches by René Bedard, 8p.
F.14 “Story of Bradley LaFleur’s Death” (contents different), and Books 37-39,   5 scribblers with rewritten portions of the Fixall story, dated portions indicate 1962.
F.15 Books 40-44, 5 scribblers with rewritten portions of the Fixall story,
dated portions indicate 1962.
F.16 Books 45-50, 4 are in scribblers, the others are pinned together; all are clean, rewritten versions.

Box 10
F.1 Another “clean” version of the Fixall/Delfin story, 2 notes books on his recollections of his early life.
F.2 2 more scribblers of rewritten recollections, one dated 22 February 1963.
F.3 3rd part of Fixall’s early recollections in 2 scribblers.
F.4 Another collection of drafts of the story, here entitled “Delfin – the Strange Story of a Fixall Man”. The drafts in this folder and the two following were contained in a labelled cereal box marked “Delfin I”. 3 scribblers, dealing with GC’s first meeting of Fixall and subsequent events, parts labelled 1-3 .
F.5 Continuation of above series with parts labelled 4-13, in 5 scribblers, segments separated with safety pins and straight pins throughout.
F.6 Continuation of above series with parts labelled 14-21, in 7 scribblers.
F.7 Same series, parts labelled 21b-25, in 5 scribblers.
F.8 Same series, parts labelled 26-29, in 4 scribblers.
F.9 Same series, parts labelled 30-32, in 3 scribblers.
F.10 Same series, parts labelled 33-35, in 3 scribblers.
F.11 Two, unnumbered scribblers which appear to belong to the above series.

Series 4:
Personal material and photographs. – 1937-1974. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 11
F.1 Biographical information compiled by GC, with lists of education, qualifications, exhibitions and activities 1953-1957.
F.2 Documents: British passport (1939), immigration document (1940), savings book (1963) and transit pass (with photograph).
F.3 Documents: birth certificate, will, list of writings and their locations, memorandum of understanding with National Museum of Man.
F.4 Membership cards, including Canadian Authors Association (1953), health cards and correspondence regarding annuities and family benefits (1972).
F.5 Notes on Almgren family, information obtained from cousin Hilda Almgren
F.6 Photographs: one (in England) accompanied by a letter from Enid, others of Enid and Hilda as children, GC in Bisco, Ontario.
F.7 Photographs:
Envelope 1
These photographs and those in the next envelope are part of the same batch, all apparently taken during the shooting of Grey Owl’s Mississagi River film in 1937. This was before GC arrived in Canada (ca. 1940). 4 photographs which include Grey Owl, one of which shows his wife, Yvonne Perrier Clare. [1937]
Envelope 2
47 photographs, most include Antoine Commanda (GC’s husband) and moose hunters. Also Margaret White Bear, Isobel and Ed Sawyer appear in photographs.[1937]
Envelope 3
1 photograph of E.A. (Nellie) Health. [ca.1920]
Envelope 4
2 photographs of Big White Owl (Jasper Hill). [1950]
Envelope 5
5 photographs and negatives of Fixall (René Bedard). [1961]
Envelope 6
3 photographs of English “Indians”: Jack Willis and Jack Hayes in native dress. [1963]
Envelope 7
Photograph of GC and Ruth Graham.[1976]
F.8 Photographs of GC and her work, both original photographs and clippings from magazine (School Arts magazine, USA) and newspaper articles (Brantford Expositor; London Free Press) articles, including several photographs of GC in Indian dress and one showing her in Swedish national costume. [1950s]
F.9 Newspaper clippings showing GC and her friends. [1950s]
F.10 Legal agreement for sale of GC’s land in Sudbury, June 1942. Also postal orders and receipts, 1939.
F.11 List of possessions and their location, including manuscript books, crafts and clothing.
F.12 Library forms and lists of books read.
F.13 Receipts and addresses, 1970s.
F.14 Address books (4), 1950s[?]-1970s.
F.15 Lists of telephone numbers [1970s?].
F.16 Newspaper clippings, 1950s and 60s, most relating to Indians.
F.17 Receipts and notes written by Fixall (René Bedard), 1960s.
F.18 GC’s Income Tax return, 1974; business card and church service sheet.
F.19 Receipts, 1970s.

Series 5:
Visual materials and crafts. -- [195-]-[196-]. – 32 cm of graphic material and realia. – Title based on content of series.

Box 12
F.1 1961, GC’s pencil sketches of rooming house garden
F.2 1961-2, pencil sketches of Fixall, in 4 folders
F.3 1962, pencil sketches of Fixall, in 3 folders
F.4 1961-2, pencil sketches of Fixall, accompanied by 2 folders
F.5 1962, Louis Martin Sketches
F.6 [Undated] sketches of horses
F.7 [Undated] sketches of horses and faces by GC
F.8 [Undated] sketches of horses and dogs by GC
F.9 [Undated] sketches of horses by GC
F.10 [Undated] sketches of horses by GC
F.11 [Undated] sketches of deer by GC
F.12 [Undated] sketches of houses, by Fixall?
F.13 “My original craft patterns”; cardboard cut outs of figures and masks
Envelope 1 Sewing kit with embossed leather cover with name “Gisela”
Envelope 2 Red leather purse with fringed edge
Envelope 3 White leather purse with embroidered flowers and fringed edge

Box 13
Envelope 4 White leather purse with white fur trim, beadwork and fringed edge
Envelope 5 Two leather head bands with beadwork
Envelope 6 Brown sea shell necklace
Envelope 7 Two bead necklaces, one of various coloured beads, the other of same coloured stones, both on leather strings.
Envelope 8 Brown leather belt with beadwork and buckle
Envelope 9 White sea shell necklace
Envelope 10 Carved wooden mask face with straw hair attached
Envelope 11 2 carved wooden mask faces, one with human [?] hair, the other with white fur
Envelope 12 Small brown leather purse containing 2 shells
Envelope 13 Two tiny woven baskets, one pointed at the end and open at the top, the other flat bottomed with a lid
Envelope 14 Two copper disks with holes at the top for threading.

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