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Finding Aid - Second Accrual

Canadian Liberation Movement fonds. First and third accruals combined.

I Leaflets

These leaflets, issued by the Canadian Liberation Movement's national office or by branches or sub-groups of the C.L.M. have been arranged by the leaflet heading, where they originated at the national office, or otherwise by the name of the issuing group. In some cases (e.g. fund raising, lead poisoning) all the circulars on a clearly identifiable theme have been placed under that subject heading. Except where otherwise indicated each file contains only a single leaflet (a large quantity of duplicates has been discarded).

Box 1 Leaflets, A - N
F.1 Acorn, Milton. More Poems for People", NC Press advertisement, [1973?].
F.2 Acorn, Milton. "Statement of the C.L.M. and NC Press", November 29, 1972.
F.3 Acorn, Milton. "Poetry Reading and Songs of Liberation ...", [1973].
F.4 Acorn, Milton. "The Liberation of Canada's Milton Acorn", Reprint of [Ryerson Polytechnic] article, [1974].
F.5 "Agora e Tempo de Agir Nao de Comites!", [Portuguese] leaflet, [n.d.].
F.6 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1972.
F.7 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1972.
F.8 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 17 November 1972.
F.9 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 2 December 1972.
F.10 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.11 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.12 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.13 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.14 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.15 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.16 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.17 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1973.
F.18 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, 1974.
F.19 Artistic Woodwork, [1973].

F.20 Block Captain - "With Your Help We Will Win!", [n.d.].
F.21 "Board of Health Members Fight Lead Companies", [1974].
F.22 "Bomb Threat - Another Attempt to Censor C.L.M.", [n.d.].
F.23 Bottle Drive, [1973], 6 leaflets.
F.24 BRAC, [1973], 5 leaflets. [See also Canadian Union Caucus,F.43 & F.44 below].
F.25 Burlington Golf and Country Club, "Donate Food and Money", 2 leaflets.

F.26 C.C.U.[Council of Canadian Unions], "A Great Leap Forward is at Hand!", [1973].
F.27 C.C.U., "The Road Forward", [1973].
F.28 C.C.U., "Canada Needs a Canadian Labour Movement", [n.d.].
F.29 Canada Metal, "Fight Pollution at Canada Metal", [1973?].
F.30 Canada Metal, "If you want to keep the plant open, Join the Fight". [n.d.], 2 leaflets.
F.31 Canada Metal, "Keep Canada Metal Open - Fight Pollution", [n.d.].
F.32 Canada Metal, 3 leaflets, 1973/4.
F.33 "Canada Must Have Canadian Universities", [See also Eighty-Five Percent Quota and Universities].
F.34 "Canadian Art and the Revolutionary Struggle", [1971].
F.35 "Canadian Liberation Bookstore" "Grand Opening", Hamilton, [1974].
F.36 "C.L.M. at the C.N.E.", [n.d.].
F.37 C.L.M., [Newsletter?], [April?], 1976.
F.38 C.L.M. Folder, Includes many leaflets [for new members?], [1975].
F.39 Canadian National Exhibition, C.L.M. Statement, July 12 1972.
F.40 C.N.E., November 20 1972. F.41 Canadian Party of Labour, [1969 and undated], 5 leaflets.
F.42 "Canadian Patriot on Trial", [1974?].
F.43 Canadian Union Caucus, "Members of Local 6667", [n.d.].
F.44 Canadian Union Caucus of the B.R.A.C., "Brothers! It is time to Act!", [n.d.].
F.45 "Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers!", 5 different leaflets.
F.46 "Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers - Public Meeting", [1974].
F.47 "Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers", Package of stickers, [n.d.].
F.48 Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers, "Support the Struggle in B.C.", [1973?].
F.49 "Canadian Workers Demand Independent Canadian Unions", [1972?].
F.50 Canadian Workers'Union, "Constitucao da Canadian Workers Union", Portuguese pamphlet, [n.d.].
F.51 C.W.U., Song Sheets - see F.25 below, C.L.M. song sheets.
F.52 C.W.U., "They Think the Fix is in", Leaflets in English, Portuguese and Italian, [n.d.].
F.53 C.W.U., "Join Us", [n.d.].
F.54 C.W.U., The Canadian Worker, vol. 1, no, 1, December 7 1976, Newsletter.
F.55 C.W.U., 6 leaflets,including one from Founding Congress, [1974 - 1975]. See also F.56, F.58 and F.64.
F.56 Canron - Committee to Count the Ballots, 2 leaflets, [1975]. See also F.63 below.
F.57 Central Canadian Exhibition, [1975].
F.58 Committee to Found the Canadian Workers Union, [n.d.].
F.59 Congress, "How Should We Proceed", [n.d.].
F.60 "Continentalism is Treason", [n.d.].
F.61 "Continentalism is Treason", Stickers, [n.d.].
F.62 "Convict De Armon", [1974].
F.63 "Count the Ballots", [1975].
F.64 "Court Dismisses Charge - But Gary Perly Ordered to Pay Costs", [1974].
F.65 Culture, "Quotas for Canadian Culture", [1972].
F.66 Dayton Canadian - Guelph, February 1974.
F.67 "Demonstrate Against the Nixon Visit", [1972].
F.68 "Demonstrate Against the U.S. D.I.S.C. Programme", [n.d.].
F.69 "Donate Food and Money", Burlington Country Club, [n.d.].
F.70 "Donate to the Prosecution Fund", 85% Quota, [n.d.].
F.71 "Drive U.S. Imperialism Out of Canada", 2 leaflets.

F.72 85% Canadian Quota Campaign, Newsletter: Vol.1, no.1, November 1972; Vol. l, no.3, February 1973; Vol.1, no.4, July/Aug.1973; Vol.1, no.5, October 1973;
Vol.1, no.6, December 1973; March, 1974; April, 1974.
F.73 85% Canadian Quota Campaign, Leaflets, 1973 - 1974, 9 items.
F.74 85% Canadian Quota Campaign, Membership cards, appeals, brief, research material, candidate survey, posters, 1971-1973, 10 items.
F.75 85% Canadian Quota Campaign, Agenda for Ontario Provincial Conference, January 1973. Also Plan for the Ontario Quota Campaign, January - April 1973.
F.76 "Express Your Support for the P.L.O.", [n.d.].

F.77 "Fight Pollution at Canada Metal", [1973].
F.78 "The Fight to Free Canada from U.S. Control", [1975].
F.79 Fundraising - 1972, 2 items.
F.80 Fundraising - 1973, 4 items.
F.81 Fundraising - 1974, 8 items.
F.82 Fundraising - 1975.
F.83 Fundraising - Check List.
F.84 Fundraising - Poster.
F.85 "Government Protects U.S. Unions", - New Canada Statement, [n.d.].

F.86 Haiven, Larry. "Send Larry Haiven to City Hall", [1974]. See also F.120 below.
F.87 Hamilton, C.L.M. party at McMaster, [1974].
F.88 Hamilton, "Canadian Liberation Week", [1974?].
F.89 Hamilton, Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers, [1974], 2 items.
F.90 Hamilton, "Hamilton Workers Join Canadian Union", [1972].
F.91 Hamilton, N.C.I.C.U., "Why a Picket Line Outside C.H.M.L.", [n.d.].
F.92 Hamilton, "Why is the Hamilton District Council Afraid of Ralph Ellis?", [1972?].
F.93 Hamilton, C.I.C.U., "Why Not Join a Canadian Union?", [n.d.].
F.94 Hamilton, "Yankee Unions Go Home!", [n.d.]. See also F.127 & F.134 below.
F.95 "Hear Dying of Lead", [1972].
F.96 "Hear Dying of Lead", Ottawa, [1974]. See also F.97 - 99 and Lead Poisoning, F.117 & F.118 below.
F.97 "Help Board of Health Fight Lead Poisoners", [n.d.].
F.98 "Help Fight For - Freedom of Speech - Freedom of the Press - Freedom from Poison", [n.d.].
F.99 "Help Stop Lead Poisoners Now!", [1974].
F.100 "The History of Painting in Canada", NC Press poster.
F.101 "The History of Quebec: A Patriote's Handbook", New Canada vs. Imperial Oil, 1971.
F.102 "A History of the Trade Union Movement in Canada", C.L.M. Educational, 1973.
F.103 "Honour Our Canadian Patriots", [1973].
F.104 "How are we Going to Liberate Canada", Leaflets from G. Perly's B.C. visit, [1974], 13 items, including some duplicates, stapled together.

F.105 "If its Wednesday this must be Canada", U. of T. Lecture Series, [1970].
F.106 "In the Spirit of Groovy Internationalism", [Congress submission?], J.B., Ottawa Club, [n.d.].
F.107 Invitation, C.L.M.'s 2nd. Annual Party, 2 items.
F.108 John Dean Visit - Committee Against "Yankee Go Home!", [1975].
F.109 "Join C.L.M.", Poster, 1975.
F.110 "Join the C.L.M.", Folded leaflets, 1973.
F.111 "Join the Fight. Residents Picket Lead Plant", [n.d.].
F.112 "Justice for Cyprus", February 1975.

F.113 [Ku Klux Klan], C.L.M. statement, circular, April 1972.
F.114 "Klymko Acquitted", February 8 1974. Also "Support Myron Klymko", [January 1974].
F.115 Lambton, Photocopy of Globe and Mail article, January 1974.
F.116 Lambton News, Grievances, March 1974.
F.117 Lead Poisoning, [1974], 34 leaflets, 2 cuttings and file folder.
F.118 Lead Poisoning, C.L.M. brief, [1974].
F.119 Lecture Series Announcement, University of Toronto, 1974.
F.120 "Let's Send Larry Haiven to City Hall", [1974].

F.121 Madawaska, Leaflet, [1975]. Also cuttings and local newspapers.
F.122 "Make it Canadian", C.I.C. Conference leaflet, [1971].
F.123 Manpower and Immigration, Open letter to the Minister.
F.124 "May Day Dance", [1975].
F.125 "Meet the Canadian Liberation Movement", [1974].
F.126 Membership Cards, 1974. Blank.
F.127 Membership Cards, Hamilton, 1975. Blank.
F.128 Membership Requirements - C.L.M.

F.129 NC Press, Fall 1973, Catalogue.
F.130 NC Press, Spring and Summer '75 Catalogue.
F.131 NC Press, Reprint of Quill and Quire article, January 1975.
F.132 NC Press, "Fight to Win" - booklist. F.133 National Committee for Independent Canadian Unions, 1973 - 1975, 8 leaflets.
F.134 N.C.I.C.U. - Hamilton, "March for Canadian Unions", [1975].
F.135 N.C.I.C.U. - Toronto, June General Meeting Announcement, 1974.
F.136 N.C.I.C.U., Newsletter, January 1974.
F.137 N.C.I.C.U., Membership cards, Blank, except for two completed in the names of Larry Haiven and Richard Fitches.
F.138 "The N.D.P. is Not in Touch with the Canadian People!", [n.d.].
F.139 "The N.D.P., the Waffle and the U.S.-Run Unions", [n.d.].
F.140 N.D.P. "Statement regarding the withdrawal of the Ottawa Waffle Group from the Committee Against the Nixon Visit", April 1972.
F.141 Nixon Visit - Oppose, [1972], 3 leaflets.
F.142 "No More Dunlops!", [1970].
F.143 "Now's the Time for Action Not Committees", [1974].

Box 2 Leaflets, O - Y and Newsletters
F.1 "One Struggle, One Enemy", [1974].
F.2 Ottawa C.L.M. Leaflets, [1973 - 1975], 9 items. See also Box 1, F.96 and F.106 above and F.20 and F.36 below.
F.3 Ottawa - Waffle, as Box 1, F.140 above.

F.4 "Parking Permit Mess", [1975].
F.5 [Perly, Gary], "Gary Perly Acquitted Victory for the People", [1969?].
F.6 Poetry Reading, Milton Acorn, 1973.
F.7 Portuguese Leaflet, A translation of "Now's the Time ...", F.143 above, [1974?].
F.8 Portuguese Leaflet, "New Canada", [n.d.].
F.9 Poster, "Join C.L.M."
F.10 Press Cuttings re. C.L.M., 1972 - 1974, Duplicated for distribution.
F.11 "Prosecute U.S. Professor Tax Frauds", [n.d.].
F.12 "Public Service Alliance", C.L.M. Statement, 1975.
F.13 Publicity. C.L.M. stickers headed "Canada is a Colony of U.S. Imperialism", [n.d.].

F.14 "Quebec: Where to Go From Here", [1975?].
F.15 "Quotas for Canadian Culture", [1972].

F.16 Raffle - C.L.M. 2 tickets with uncompleted stubs.
F.17 "Recruitment". [1975].
F.18 Recruitment Sheet, Blank.
F.19 Ryerson, "Administration Bugging at Ryerson?", January 1974.
F.20 Ryerson, "Court Backs Ryerson", [1974]. First and corrected draft of leaflet, with some Ottawa leaflets attached.
F.21 "Ryerson Workers Continue Fight!", [1973].
F.22 "Ryerson Workers -- Strike Now - Build for September", [1973 - 1974].
F.23 Ryerson, "Lavoratori di Ryerson", Italian pamphlet, translation of F.22 above.

F.24 "Six Persons May Still Go to Jail", [n.d.].
F.25 Song Sheets - C.L.M., [n.d.]. 9 items. See also F.51, Box 1 above, C.W.U. Song Sheets.
F.26 "Spirit of '37 Festival", [1973].
F.27 "Stop James Bay Project Stop NAWAPA", [n.d.].
F.28 "Stop the Student Surcharge", New Canada supplement, 1972.
F.29 "Stop the U.S. Takeover", C.L.M. bumper sticker, [1974?].
F.30 "Stop the U.S. Takeover", [1974].
F.31 The Student Advocate, [C.L.M. publication?].
F.32 "Subscribe to New Canada", [n.d.].
F.33 "Support the Fight Against Lead Poisoners", [1974].

F.34 T.T.C., "Don't be Suckers for 14%", [n.d.].
F.35 "This is What Imperial Oil Doesn't Want You to See", and other leaflets attached, 2 different sets, [n.d.].
F.36 "To All Ottawa Carpenters", [n.d.].
F.37 "To the Government of the United States of America", [n.d.].
F.38 Toronto, Toward a New Canada - Lecture Series, [n.d.].
F.39 Toronto - City Club, Fundraising Circular, September 1973.
F.40 Toronto - East Club, [1974], 3 leaflets.
F.41 Toronto - West Club, [2 1973 and 1 later?], 3 leaflets.
F.42 Toronto Student Labour Committee, [1974].
F.43 Toward a New Canada, As F.38 above and another leaflet.

F.44 Universities - 85% Quota, 3 leaflets, See also F.72 - F.75 above.
F.45 University of Toronto, "Banfield and Excuse to Implement Discipline Code", [1974?].
F.46 University of Toronto, "85% Canadian Quota Campaign", U. of T. Committee, [n.d.].
F.47 University of Toronto, "Fees Strike Continues", [1973].
F.48 University of Toronto, "Klymko Acquitted", [Same leaflet as F.114 above].
F.49 University of Toronto, "Stop the Wright Report", [1973].
F.50 University of Toronto, "Who Invited Banfield?" [1974].
F.51 University of Toronto, "Zeitlin Must Release the Facts", [1974].
F.52 The U. of T. Worker, Issues #1[?] and #2, with 2 related leaflets, [1973].
F.53 U. of T. Workers Against the Layoffs, "Petition to Support U. of T. Workers and Students", [1973/4?].
F.54 "U.S. Criminal John Dean Invited to Canada. Yankee go home!", [n.d.].

F.55 Vancouver, "May Day 1974. Public Meeting", 1974.
F.56 "Victory to the Provisional Revolutionary Government", [n.d.].
F.57 "Visit CLM at the CCE", [1974], with other leaflets attached.

F.58 "We All Need Canadian Unions", [n.d.].
F.59 "We Must Feature Canadian Art in Art Gallery of Ontario", [n.d.].
F.60 "We Must Stop the Poisoners", [1974].
F.61 "We Voted for Democracy", [n.d.].
F.62 "Welcome to the C.L.M. Storefront", [1975].
F.63 "What Canadians Can Do", [n.d.].
F.64 "What Do the Liberals, the Tories and the NDP Have in Common?", [n.d.].
F.65 "What is the CLM?", [n.d.].
F.66 "What is the Canadian Liberation Movement", [n.d.].
F.67 "What is the Canadian Liberation Movement? [U. of T. leaflet] [n.d.].
F.68 "Why I Want to Prosecute the U.S. Tax Frauds", [1974].
F.69 "Why Students are Demanding Arbitration for Professor Wightman", [1970].
F.70 "With Your Help We Will Win!", [n.d.].
F.71 "Yankee Go Home" Leaflet [article?] with corrections, 4pp. Same leaflet [article?], corrected version, 4pp. [n.d.].
F.72 "Yankee Go Home!", [n.d.].
F.73 "Yankee Unions Go Home!", [n.d.].

C.L.M. Newsletters

F.74 Newsletter, February 2 1970, 3pp.
F.75 Newsletter, vol.1, no.1, January 1972, 12pp.; also "Draft Executive Reply"[same date?], 4pp.
F.76 Newsletter, vol.1, no.2, June 1972, 12pp.
F.77 Newsletter, vol.1, no.4, October 1972, 10pp.
F.78 Newsletter, vol.1, no.5, Nov.-Dec. 1972, 13pp.
F.79 Newsletter, vol.2, no.1, Jan.-Feb. 1973, 12pp.
F.80 Newsletter, vol.2, no.2, March 1973, 3pp.
F.81 Newsletter, vol.2, no.3, April 1973, 7pp.
F.82 Newsletter, vol.2, no.4, May 1973, 10pp.
F.83 Newsletter, June- July 1973, 7pp.; first copy, heavily annotated.
F.84 Newsletter, October 1973, 9pp.
F.85 Newsletter, November 1973, 6pp.
F.86 Newsletter, December 1973, 15pp.; parts are heavily annotated.
F.87 Newsletter, vol.3, no.1, January 1974, 15pp.
F.88 Newsletter, vol.3, no.2, [February 1974?], 14pp.
F.89 Newsletter, vol.3, no.3, March 1974, 8pp.
F.90 Newsletter, vol.3, no.4, April 1974, 4pp.
F.91 Newsletter, vol.3, no.5, May 1974, 11pp.
F.92 Newsletter, May 1974, supplement, 2pp.
F.93 Newsletter, vol.3, no.6, June 1974, 3pp.
F.94 Newsletter, vol.3, no.7, [July 1974?], 10pp.
F.95 Newsletter, [post 1974 Congress], 12pp.
F.96 Newsletter, vol.3, no.10 [October 1974?], 12pp.
F.97 Newsletter, March 1975, 8pp. Also sheet headed "Justice for Cyprus", dated February 1975 [a supplement to this issue?].
F.98 Newsletter, April 1975, 7pp. Includes one section which is heavily annotated.
F.99 Newsletter, May [1975], 7pp.
F.100 Newsletter, June 1975, 6pp.
F.101 Newsletter, October 1975, 7pp.
F.102 Newsletter, November 1975, 11pp.
F.103 Newsletter,["newsletter-type organ"], January 19 1976, 1p. An open letter to the membership signed by Pete Havers.
F.104 Newsletter, [March? 1976?], 3pp. and mailing cover.
F.105 Newsletter, [April 1976], 15pp.
II Administration Files

This material has been arranged alphabetically by subject, and within a subject, chronologically. Correspondence to/from members or potential members has been kept together in the Correspondence files within which it has been arranged chronologically and not by name. There are individual correspondence files only for Victor Campbell (a prolific letter writer), for some of the more active and prominent C.L.M. members (Bower, Browne, Lord, Michialuc, Perly) and for individual branches (e.g. Correspondence - Alberta, Correspondence - Toronto).
This section of the archive contains information on the day-to-day running of the C.L.M. in a wealth of minutes and memoranda produced by various members. The researcher is advised to sift carefully through such files as Congress, National Executive, Quarterly Meeting and also the extensive Toronto files which include material relating to the Toronto Area Committee and to the various local clubs.

Box 3 Administrative Files, A - Canadian
F.1 Acorn, M. Criticism of, in Alive magazine, October 1976.
F.2 Acorn, M. Suggested report on expulsion of Gary Perly, 10 April 1976, Ts., 1p.
Alberta Correspondence - See Correspondence - Alberta.
F.3 "Alternatives to Expressways", Part of a C.L.M. position paper[?], Undated, 11pp.
F.4 [Annual] National Executive Meeting, Notice, [1973/4], 1p.
F.5 Annual Meeting, December 1973 - January 1974, Agenda, minutes and decisions, Ts. and ms., 79pp.
F.6 Anti Imperialist Day Committee, Flyer, 1972.
F.7 Anti Imperialist Day, 1973, Plan of action and flyer, Duplicated ts., 8pp.
F.8 Anti Imperialist Day, 1973, Plans and related correspondence, Ts., 11pp.
F.9 Anti Imperialist Day, 1973, Report on the parade [for New Canada?], Ts., 5pp.
F.10 Anti Imperialist Day, 1974, Strategic Plan and report, Duplicated ts., 14pp.
F.11 Anti Imperialist Day, 1974, Milton Acorn's script and flyer, Duplicated ts., 4pp.
F.12 Anti Imperialist Day, 1974, Planning, events, report, Ms. and duplicated ms. and ts., 40pp.
F.13 Anti Imperialist Day, 1974, Report and financial analysis, Duplicated ts., 4pp.
F.14 Anti Imperialist Day, 1975, Announcement, Annotated ts., 1p.
F.15 Auto Pact, Letter and flyers relating to, [n.d.], 5 items.

F.16 Badges, 5 badges, 1 is the C.L.M. badge.
F.17 Bower, Betty, Self criticism, various drafts, 1974, Ms., ts., and carbon ts., 107pp.
F.18 Bridge and Iron Workers, International Union Reports, Photocopies, 18pp.
British Columbia Correspondence - See Correspondence - British Columbia.
F.19 Browne, Elaine, Recruitment file and contact sheets, 2 items.
F.20 Browne, Elaine, Time chart, 4/1/74, Ms., 1p.
F.21 Browne, Elaine, Letter of resignation, 13 March 1976, TLs., 1p. - see also other files below.
F.22 Burlington Golf and Country Club, C.W.U. application to Labour Relations Board, [n.d.],1p. See also C.W.U., F.40 below.

F.23 CALURA - informational material, 10 items.
F.24 Campbell, Victor, 1969 - 1974, 5 letters from and a large number of newspaper cuttings.
F.25 Campbell, Victor, 1974 - 1975, 16 letters, to and from, with 2 cuttings.
F.26 Canada Metal, Notes, correspondence, reports, flyers, lists of names, cuttings, 1974 - 1975, 64 items.
F.27 Canadian Liberation Movement, Binder containing Newsletters, reports and circulars, December 1975 - February 1976.
F.28 C.L.M. - The Final Days, Newsletters and circulars, December 1975 - February 1976.
F.29 C.L.M. - [The Future], Memo, unsigned, [April 1976].
F.30 Canadian National Exhibition, Correspondence, cuttings and leaflets, 1972 - 1974, 47 items.
F.31 Canadian National Exhibition, Correspondence and duplicated material, Summer 1975, 82 items.
F.32 Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers, Draft Statement, [1975?], 5pp.
F.33 Canadian Voice, TLs, minutes, flyers and notes, [1976], 12pp.
F.34 Canadian Workers' Union Guide to evaluation, 1p. Constitution, 3rd. draft, April 20 1974. Constitution, ratified, June 8/9 1974.
F.35 C.W.U., Blank letterhead.
F.36 C.W.U., Founding Congress, June 8 & 9 1974, Agenda, Motions, Constitution, 2 items and folder of material.
F.37 C.W.U., Report by G. Perly, 8 December 1974, Carbon ts., 3pp.
F.38 C.W.U., Report to C.L.M. caucus on C.W.U., "Activities" [B.L.?],[undated - Nov.1975?], Carbon ts., 5pp. Barry Lord self criticism, Nov.& Dec. 1974, Carbon ts., 7pp.
F.39 C.W.U., Certification of members, September 1974, 11pp. See also F.22 above.
F.40 C.W.U., Caucus minutes, December 1974, Duplicated ts., 3pp.
F.41 C.W.U., Club Report, Jan.-March 1975, Ts. and carbon ts., 8pp.
F.42 C.W.U., C.L.M. Labour Organizer's Report, March 1975, Duplicated ts., 7pp. and blank membership cards.
F.43 C.W.U., Leaflet for members, April 1975.
F.44 C.W.U., 1975 Annual Congress, Elaine [Browne's] folder.
F.45 C.W.U., Leaflets and circulars, 1975, 8pp.
F.46 C.W.U., Club Plan, 1975-6, Photocopied ts., 3pp.
F.47 C.W.U., Report to Congress, 1976[?], Duplicated ts., 6pp. And copy of letter from Elaine [Browne] to Gary Perly, May 2 1966.
F.48 C.W.U., Song Sheet, [n.d.], 1p.
C.W.U. - see also Canron files in following box.

Box 4 Administrative Files, Canron - Court
F.1 Canron, 1975 1 ALs, 1 ALs(photocopy), Also flyers, leaflets and clippings, 9 items.
F.2 Canron, 1974 - 1977 Leaflets and flyers, Most with information on numbers printed and date of distribution, 49 items.
F.3 Canron, Labels for mailing, 19 full sheets. Also lists of M.P.P.s and union leaders, 6 items.
F.4 Canron, 1975, Court exhibits.
F.5 Canron, 1977, Minutes of a meeting and some correspondence, 6 items
F.6 "The Caucus within the Caucus" [1976], Memo on C.L.M.'s future [Larry Michailuc?], Photocopied ts., 6pp.
F.7 Circulars and C.L.M. position statements [1972], Ts., duplicated ts. and carbon ts., 25pp.
F.8 Circulars and charts, 1972 - 1974, Duplicated ts., 44pp.
F.9 Circulars and statements, 1974, Duplicated ts. & cuttings, 37 items.
F.10 Communist Party, "The Proposed Communist Party and the National Question" by Bob Copps, [Discussion paper?], Duplicated ts., heavily annotated, 6pp.
F.11 Community Organizing - Instruction Sheet, Duplicated ts., 1p.
F.12 Conference Directions, Undated, duplicated ts., 1p.
F.13 Congress Proposals, "How Should We Proceed", Submitted by Olio Capeechione, Duplicated ts., undated [Feb.1976?], 1p.
F.14 Congress - part of report, Undated carbon ts., 3pp. Congress, 1972
Report of Saskatoon C.L.M. - see Correspondence - Saskatoon.
F.15 Congress, Announcement, May 30 1973, Duplicated ts., 1p.
F.16 Congress, 1973 Motions passed, Duplicated ts., 4pp.
F.17 Congress, 1974 Decisions of National Congress, Photocopied ts., 6pp. Another set of minutes headed "Decisions of the Annual Meeting 1974", Carbon ts., 2pp.
F.18 Congress, 1974, Report of the National Chairman to the 1974 Congress, Duplicated ts., 13pp. & duplicate, 13pp. General Secretary's Report, Duplicated ts., 8pp.
F.19 Congress, 1974 Toronto Area Report, Duplicated ts., 5pp. Ottawa Club Report (Tom Clement), ms., 6pp. Victoria Club Report(Betty Bower), ms., 3pp.
F.20 Congress, 1974 E[laine] B[rowne]'s notes, Ms., 53pp.
F.21 Congress, 1974 Notes by Sharon Mackinnon in spiral notebook which also includes notes on 1974 Organizing School.
F.22 Congress, 1975 Victoria Report, Duplicated ts., 10pp. Labour Report, Ms., 3pp. C.W.U. Report, Duplicated ts., 6pp.
F.23 Congress, 1975 Judy's [Haiven?] notes, Extensive ms. notes contained in spiral notebook.
F.24 Congress, 1975 Ms. notes [no name] in spiral notebook, with duplicated insertions. Also material relating to the 1975 Organizing School.
F.25 Congress, 1975 Notes [Larry Michialuc's?], Extensive ms. notes in spiral notebook, with duplicated insertions, including Ottawa Club and all the Toronto Club Reports, also General Secretary's and NC Press Reports.
F.26 Congress, 1976 Invitation to Congress, Feb. 28 & 29, Duplicated ts., 1p., with envelope.
F.27 Congress, 1976 Proposed agenda, motions, constitution, Strategic plan, notes, Ms. and duplicated ts., 25pp.
F.28 Congress, 1976 Peter Havers' annotated file folder and notes, Ms., 4pp.
F.29 Congress, 1976 List of motions, Duplicated ts., 2pp. Also announcement of [Toronto] club meeting, April 20 [1976].
F.30 Congress, 1976 Proposed Press release re. expulsion of Gary Perly, March 10 1976, 2pp. Also notes [March 1976] on future planning, Ms., 3pp.
[with New Canada financial statement on verso].
F.31 Constitution - C.L.M., Undated, duplicated ts., 12pp.
F.32 Correspondence Log, Covers period from October [1973], 1974, to April [1975], 40pp. & ms. notes, 1p.

Correspondence: All filesare arranged by type or area and then by date, not by the name of the correspondent.
F.33 Correspondence - Business, 1973 - 1975 TLs and carbon ts., outgoing and incoming, 29 items.
F.34 Correspondence - Alberta, 1973 - 1975 Incoming and Outgoing, 32 items.
F.35 Correspondence - British Columbia, 1972 - 1975 Incoming and outgoing, 53 items. Also list of "Vancouver Contacts", Ms., 2pp.
See also Correspondence - Vancouver and Correspondence - Victoria below.
Correspondence - Guelph - see Guelph below.
F.36 Correspondence - Hamilton, 1973 - 1975. Mostly letters between head office and the Hamilton branch, 42 items. See also Hamilton below.
F.37 Correspondence - Kingston, 1974 - 1975. Incoming and outgoing, 15 items.
F.38 Correspondence - Madawaska, 1975. Incoming and outgoing, 15 items.
F.39 Correspondence - Manitoba, 1971 - 1974 Incoming and outgoing, 11 items.
F.40 Correspondence - Maritimes, 1974 - 1975 Incoming and outgoing, 26 items. See also Campbell, Victor and Hanrahan, Tim
F.41 Correspondence - Ontario, North and East, 1973 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 87 items.
F.42 Correspondence - Ontario, South and West, 1971 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 100 items.
F.43 Correspondence - Ottawa, 1972 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 11 items.
F.44 Correspondence - Quebec, 1974 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 26 items.
F.45 Correspondence - Saskatoon, 1972 - 1974, Saskatoon report from the 1972 Convention, Annotated, duplicated ts., 6pp. Incoming and outgoing correspondence, including communications between Saskatoon Club and National C.L.M. with office notes, 14 items.
See also Saskatoon below.
F.46 Correspondence - Saskatoon, 1972 - 1975, Notes and correspondence, Most of the correspondence is internal, photocopied material,
123pp. total.
F.47 Correspondence - Toronto, 1971 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 37 items.
F.48 Correspondence - United States, 1972 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 17 items.
F.49 Correspondence - Vancouver/Victoria, 1971 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 15 items, Also circulars and leaflets, 5 items.
F.50 Correspondence - Vancouver/ Victoria, 1972 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 109 items.
F.51 Correspondence - Overseas, 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 4 items.
F.52 Correspondence - General, 1969 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 30 items.
F.53 Correspondence - General, 1971 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 48 items.
F.54 Correspondence - General, 1973 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing, 21 items.
F.55 Correspondence - General, 1974 - 1976, Incoming and outgoing, some with envelopes, 20 items.
Council of Canadian Unions - see Material received, Box 17 below.
F.56 "Court Dismisses Charge", Leaflet with handwritten Portuguese translation and envelope, 3 items.

Box 5 Administrative Files, Deahl - May Day
F.1 Deahl, James. Letter of resignation and C.L.M. response August 1974, both photocopies tss., 2 items.
F.2 Douglas Aircraft, 1973, Photocopied material and some notes, 9 items.
F.3 Education Course Outlines, Duplicated ts., 2pp. Duplicated ts., 4pp. Duplicated ts., 5pp.
F.4 Education Course Outline, Photocopied ts., 7pp. And a duplicate.
F.5 85% Canadian Quota, 1971 - 1973, Cuttings, survey sheets and photocopied informational material, 15 items.
F.6 85% Canadian Quota, 1972, Quota Committee Notes, October 1972, Photocopied material, 20pp.
F.7 85% Canadian Quota, 1973, Duplicated material, including phoning pitch sheet, election plan, meeting announcements, survey material, statement and brief for M.P.s, some duplicates, 22 items.
F.8 85% Canadian Quota, Newsletters, 1972 - 1974, 6 Newsletters and 2 related items.
F.9 85% Canadian Quota, Signed petition, undated, 1 item.
F.10 85% Canadian Quota, Related cuttings, 6 items.
F.11 Executive Folder [c.1974], Contains duplicated organizational and recruitment information with some insertions at back.
F.12 Executive Meeting, Notes of a meeting dated February 16 1975 [Note: Does not appear to be one of the regular quarterly meetings].
F.13 Famous Players Canadian Corporation, Photocopied material, 7pp.
F.14 Finance, Folder containing notes of deposits and expenditures, January - December 1975.
F.15 Finance, Expenditure Summary, November & December 1975, 4pp.
F.16 Finance, Notebook entitled "Finances - Statements of Accounts", Entries relate to March 1975. Also notes [minutes?] of a Quarterly Meeting,
October 11, 12, & 13 [1975?].
F.17 "Five Points for Promoting Unity", Duplicated ts., 2pp.
F.18 Flosznik, Peter "Unity: Real or Phoney?", Duplicated ts., 3pp.
F.19 Fundraising Form, With entries by Elaine [Browne?], 1p.
F.20 Fundraising, Duplicated leaflet regarding, 1972 campaign, 4pp.
F.21 Fundraising, Poster [1975].

F.22 General Secretary's Report, Newsletter supplement for May 1974, 6pp.
F.23 General Secretary - Work Proposal, Ts., [undated], lp.
F.24 Guelph, 1973 - 1975, Circulars, raffle tickets, minutes, budget and 3 items of correspondence, 14 items.
F.25 Haiven, Larry. Recommendation for office by Brian Leekley, Carbon ts., 2pp. And aldermanic campaign flyer.
F.26 Haiven, Larry, Self criticism, Carbon ts., marked "late 74-75", 5pp.
F.27 Havers, Pete. Memos to Gary Perly, September 1974, 3pp.
F.28 Hamilton, 1973-1974, Organizing Committee Report, Posters, circulars (some duplicates), 13 items.
F.29 Hamilton, 1974, Minutes of April, May and June Meetings, 4pp.
F.30 Hamilton, 1974-1975, Reports, notes and minutes, July 1974 - April 1975.
F.31 Hamilton, 1974, Correspondence with The Spectator, 3 items.
F.32 Hamilton, Contact sheets, lists and signatures, 45 sheets and 3 flyers. Also a notebook.
F.33 Hamilton, Club contact report forms, 2 completed, 6 blank.
F.34 Hamilton, Contact phoning sheet, blank.
F.35 Hamilton, 1974-1975, Flyers and circulars, 39 items.
F.36 Hamilton, Leaflets and membership information. Also financial material, blank forms, cuttings and some notes [by Larry Michialuc?], 56 items.
F.37 Hamilton Committee for Independent Canadian Unions, 1 membership card - blank.
F.38 Hanrahan, Tim 1974 - 1975 6 letters, incoming and outgoing.
F.39 High Schools Correspondence, 1974. 2 items.

F.40 Illustrations, [from C.L.M. office?], Pictures of labour in action, mounted for display, 2 original cartoons and 14 reproductions.
F.41 Inter Office Correspondence [1973], 7 items.
F.42 Keilty, Greg. "Some opinions on the role of fascism in the C.L.M.", Duplicated ts., 4pp.
F.43 Keilty, Pat. Self criticism, April 23 1974, Ms., 1p.
F.44 Labour, Leaflets and cuttings, 26 items.
F.45 Lakehead University, 1971, 2 photocopies.
F.46 Lead Poisoning, [1974], File folder of material starting with the blood lead survey of June 1974 and containing copies of correspondence, cuttings, flyers and articles.
F.47 Lead Poisoning [1974?], 2 memos relating to tactics.
F.48 Lead Poisoning - Board of Health, Copy of Public Health Act and related material, including C.L.M. brief to Board of Health, 8 items.
F.49 Lead Poisoning - Brief to the Provincial Lead Study Committee, 1974, 1 item.
F.50 Lead Poisoning - Canada Metal [1974], Flyers, briefs, cuttings, 12 items.
F.51 Lead Poisoning - Canada Metal, 1974, Photocopies of correspondence, 5 items.
F.52 Lead Poisoning - C.B.C., Transcript of radio broadcast, Scheduled for January 1974, 1 item.
F.53 Lead Poisoning [1974], Flyers, 20 items.
F.54 Lead Poisoning - Press Cuttings and Flyers, File of 29 items and duplicates.
F.55 Letterhead - C.L.M., 2 different C.L.M. letterheads, blank.
F.56 Lord, Barry 1974, Self criticism, Annotated ts., 2pp.
F.57 Lord, Gail May 1975, Self criticism, carbon ts., 16pp. Also copy of a letter to "Bruce" (July 1975), A note (unsigned) about Gail, ts., 4pp., And note by Gail to Gary [Perly], undated, 1p.

F.58 MacIntosh, Howard. Membership card, 1974.
F.59 Mackinnon, Les March 1975, Self criticism, Ts., 1p. Also draft C.W.U. Plan, memo to Gary [Perly], Note to C.W.U. club and memo on missing membership cards, all 1975, 4 items.
F.60 Marxist Leninists [c.1969], Canadian Party of Labour material: Notes, position papers, accounts, flyers, Also flyers relating to the Organizing Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party, 17 items.
F.61 Marxist-Leninist Caucus, Minutes of meetings from July and October, 1974, 57pp. Also copy of C.L.M. Board of Health brief of April 1974. Also annotated file folder.
F.62 Marxist Leninist Caucus, [1973?] - 1976, Applications for 1975 M.L. classes in folder with M[ilton] A[corn]'s signed annotation on the cover: "This is the original personal(sic) of the last Marxist-Leninist class, which shrank finally into the last group of wreckers", Dated 4 June 1976. Also caucus report [undated - 1973?] and membership list.
F.63 Marxist Leninist Caucus, 1975, Test papers and notes relating to classes, [by Pete Havers], 39 items.
F.64 Marxist Leninist Caucus,[1973?] - 1976, Report [1973?], Letter of resignation [1975], Statement marked "Final Days",[1976?], 3 items. See also notes in [Toronto Area Club?] file below.
F.65 Marxist Leninist Caucus Course Material, Duplicated material, 16 items.
F.66 May Day Celebration Party, [1974], Copy of Speech by Peter Havers, Ts., 5pp.

Box 6 Administrative Files, Media - Ottawa
F.1 Media List, Annotated photocopy.
F.2 Membership, Explanation of C.L.M. membership requirements, 1p.
F.3 Membership, "Deal" forms, notes and flyers, 9 items. Also 3 file cards containing addresses.
F.4 Menus and recipe cards, [for summer school?].
F.5 Michailuc, L.P., C.L.M. folder, dated April 1975, duplicated material with duplicated insertions.
F.6 Michailuc, L.P., 1976, Material relating to driving demerit points and U.I.C. benefits. Also bank withdrawal slip and business card.
F.7 Michailuc, L.P., 1976, Circular on the demise of the C.L.M., Duplicated ts., 2pp.
F.8 Michailuc, L.P. [undated], "On the Question of Political Line", Ms. and ts., 29pp.
F.9 Michailuc, L.P. [c.1976], Ms. notes headed "A further and deeper analysis", 6pp.
F.10 Michailuc, L.P., 1975 - 1976, Spiral notebook containing notes on C.L.M.
F.11 Michailuc, L.P., 1973 - 1974, Material, mostly photocopied, concerning Petty Trespass case and concerning taxation of U.S. citizens, 10 items.
F.12 Michailuc, L.P., 1976, "The Stop the Student Surcharge Committee Saga", L.M.'s account, February 16 1976, 1 item.
F.13 Monthly dues, Pledge calculation sheets, Duplicated, 2pp.

F.14 National Committee for Independent Canadian Unions, Minutes, correspondence (photocopied), Newsletters (Vol.1, #1 - #5), and flyers, 1974 - 1975,
23 items.
F.15 N.C.I.C.U., Membership card - blank.
F.16 N.C.I.C.U.,[c.December 1974], Bulletin, analysis ("Whither the NCICU?"), Notes and correspondence, photocopied, 4 items.
F.17 N.C.I.C.U., 1975, Photocopied material headed "Report and Proposals on the NCICU [1975], includes ballots and correspondence, 1975, 14pp.
Also draft membership circular, ms., 2pp.
F.18 National Executive Meetings, 1971 - 1973, [Also referred to as National Officers Meeting, and the Toronto Area Executive and National Executive Quarterly Meeting]. Minutes, photocopied and carbon ts. with some ms. notes, 122pp.
F.19 National Executive/National Officers'Meetings, 1973 - 1975, Minutes, ms., ts., carbon ts. and duplicated ts., with some flyers and circular material,
F.20 National Executive Meetings, September - October 1975, Informal minutes, ms., carbon ts. and photocopied material, with drafts of "On Unity" position paper,
-see also Quarterly below.
F.21 National Executive Meetings, September - December 1975, Formal minutes of meetings, Ms., ts. and carbon ts., 100pp. - for early 1976 see Toronto wide file, 1975-1976, in following box.
F.22 Nixon Visit, 1972, Administrative file, Includes cuttings, leaflets, press releases and reports.
F.23 Nixon Visit, 4 leaflets.
F.24 Nunziata, Notes on court proceedings, 11pp.

F.25 Organizing School, 1973, Lecture notes, duplicated material, "deal" papers, Notes on finances, Ms., 114pp.
F.26 Organizing School, [1974], Lecture notes, Ms., 86pp.
F.27 Organizing School, [1974], "Deal" papers and student assignments, also resume from Gary Perly and some flyers, 142pp.
F.28 Organizing School, 1974, Spiral notebook, Leslie Mackinnon, With duplicated insertions.
F.29 Organizing School, 1975, Registration forms -blank.
F.30 Organizing School, 1975, Spiral notebook with agenda, notes and insertions, [L. Michailuc?].
F.31 Organizing School, 1975, Detailed notes on sessions, planning material, internal memos, some duplicates, 112pp.
F.32 Organizing School, 1975, Agenda and notes, 47pp. and annotated file folder.
F.33 Ottawa Carpenters, 1971-1972, Cuttings, flyers and (blank) petition, 8 items.
F.34 Ottawa Club, Jan. - Feb. 1974, Minutes, 4 items.
F.35 Ottawa - Anti Imperialist Day Plan, Carbon ts., 2pp.
F.36 Ottawa, 1973 - 1975, Minutes, reports, cuttings and duplicated material, 24 items.
F.37 Ottawa, 1974 - 1975, Flyers and cuttings, 18 items.

Box 7 Administrative Files, Perly - Yurkuch
F.1 Perly, Caroline, 1974 - 1976, 4 items of correspondence.
F.2 Perly, Gary - Assault Trial, Transcript and notes, November 1968 et. seq., Binder containing ms. notes and photocopied court transcript.
F.3 Poisoning and Pollution, C.L.M. statement, Annotated ts., 1p.
F.4 Press Cuttings, 1974, Copies of 10 items.
F.5 Purdy, Al, 1974-1975, Incoming and outgoing correspondence, including copies of Milton Acorn letter, 14 items.

F.6 Quarterly Meeting/National Executive Quarterly Meeting, 1972 - 1973, Ms. notes, minutes, pamphlet and duplicated material, 44pp.
F.7 Quarterly Meeting/National Executive Quarterly Meeting, 1973, Minutes for July and October 1973 meetings, 2 items.
F.8 Quarterly Meeting/National Executive Quarterly Meeting, 1974, Elaine Browne's spiral notebook with full notes of April 12 1974 meeting. Also typed (duplicated) report of April 11 1974, 3pp.
F.9 Quarterly Meeting, 1974, Report on recruitment for meeting of April 11 1974, Duplicated ts., 3pp.
F.10 Quarterly Meeting, 1974, Minutes of meeting, October 26 1974, Carbon ts., 7pp.
F.11 Quarterly Meeting, 1975, National Chairman's summary, March 1975, Ts., 5pp. Also 2 proposed agendas, Annotated ts., [1975], 2pp.
F.12 Quarterly Meeting, 1975, Spiral notebook with full minutes of March 27 meeting and duplicated insertions.
F.13 Quarterly Meeting, 1975, Minutes of meeting October 11 - 13, Ms., 13pp.
F.14 Quebec, Paper for policy discussion, Duplicated ts., 4pp.
F.15 "The Question of Unity", Statements by E.Sharpe and L. Michailuc, Duplicated ts., 1976, 6pp.

F.16 "Recruitment, Strategic Plan", Duplicated ts., undated, 2pp. F.17 Recruitment Folder, Contains duplicated material and blank forms.
F.18 Resignation Letter, Duplicated ms., undated, signed "Alastair".
F.19 Resources, 2 cuttings. F.20 Ryerson Polytechnic, 1972 - 1973, Copy of collective agreement, lists of names, Report to the board, 4 items.
F.21 Saskatoon, Notes regarding letters, by Elaine Browne, Ms., 6pp. - see also Correspondence - Saskatoon above.
F.22 Self Criticism, December 1 1974, By [unnamed] Ottawa C.L.M. member, Ts., 3pp.
F.23 Sports Policy Draft, August 1975, C.L.M. draft policy, 4pp.
F.24 "Statement on Unity", Photocopied ts., 7pp. - see also "On Unity", F.19 above.
F.25 Stop the Student Surcharge Committee(s), 1972 - 1974, Memos, policy statements, action plans, flyers, posters, cuttings, duplicated informational material, photographs, 146 items.
F.26 "Strategy for Students", C.L.M. position paper, Duplicated ts., 6pp.

Toronto - see following box and University of Toronto below.
F.27 Transportation Employees Canadian Union[1975?], 2 items.
F.28 "The Universities", C.L.M. position paper, Carbon ts., 2pp.
F.29 University of Toronto, 1973, Workers and Students leaflet, 1 item.
F.30 University of Toronto, 1973, Report of the Executive Committee, Photocopy, 1 item.
F.31 University of Toronto, 1973, Folder of material relating to the legal aspects of the "Huron 7" case, Contains original legal documents, notes, leaflets and reports.
F.32 University of Toronto, 1973, Fundraising material - plans of action, pledge forms and leaflets, some duplicates, 10 items.
F.33 University of Toronto, 1974, Minutes of U. of T. Club meeting, August 6 1974, Ts., 1p.
F.34 Walker, Philip F., 1973 - 1974, Correspondence, incoming and outgoing, 10 items.
F.35 Walley, Marj, 1973 - 1975, Incoming and outgoing correspondence, 28 items.
Water Pollution - see Water, Box 25.
F.36 Weekly Priorities Planning Charts, Blank, 3 items.
F.37 Western Tours, Lists relating to "Howie's" and Milton Acorn's trips, Also receipts for "Les's" trip, 3 items.
F.38 Wilcox, Patrick, Letter of Resignation, April 26 1974, TLs., and envelope.
F.39 "Writing a Report", Duplicated ts.
F.40 "Yankee Go Home", 1975, Correspondence regarding campaign, 5 items.
F.41 "Yankee Go Home", Leaflets and related material, 14 items.
F.42 "Yankee Go Home", Address to C.L.M. congress by Lp. Michailuc, Annotated carbon ts., 1p.
F.43 "Yankee Go Home", Draft statement, duplicated ts., 4pp.
F.44 "Yankee Go Home", Leaflets and cuttings, 7 items.
F.45 "Yankee Go Home", Stickers - 2 different designs.
F.46 "Yankee Unions Go Home", 1 leaflet.
F.47 Yurkuch, Ken and Joan, 1975, Correspondence, 2 items. - see also Correspondence - Guelph.

Box 8 Administrative Files, Toronto
F.1 [Toronto Area] - Minutes of Office Committee Meeting, 1973, October and November minutes, 3 items.
F.2 Toronto Area Meeting Minutes, 1973, Minutes of meetings from November 4 to December 16 1973, 7 items.
F.3 Toronto Area Meeting Notes, 1973, [some duplication of F.2 above?], Minutes of meetings, November - December 1973, Ms., 17 items.
F.4 Toronto Area Meeting Minutes, 1974, Minutes of May 9 1974 meeting, Ts., 1p.
F.5 Toronto Area Report and Quarterly Minutes, October 1974, 2 items.
F.6 Toronto Area Committee Minutes, 1974, Minutes of meetings from February to December 1974, Ms., ts., and carbon and photocopied ts., Some duplicates,
38 items.
F.7 T[oronto] A[rea] C[lub] Meeting Minutes, 1975, Minutes of meetings from January to September 1975, mostly photocopied material with some original ms. and ts. and some duplicates, 40 items.
F.8 Toronto Area - Minutes and Reports from regional clubs, 1975, 55 items.
F.9 T.A.C., 1975, Minutes, notes and lists, Ms., 14pp.
F.10 [T.A.C.?], 1975, Spiral notebook containing notes of Fundraising Reports, Labour reports and M.L. Caucus meetings.
F.11 T.A.C., Leaflet with minutes, undated, 1 item.
F.12 T.A.C., [November 1974], Leaflet, 1 item.
F.13 T.A.C., Progress reports, 1974 & undated, 3 items.
F.14 T.A.C., 1974 - 1975, Folder of material, including membership and fundraising material, reports, notes and leaflets.
F.15 T.A.C., 1975, New Canada report.
F.16 Toronto, List of U.S.W. locals, Ms., 2pp.
F.17 Toronto Centre Club, 1975, New Canada reports and budget material, January - February 1975, Ms. and ts., some duplicates, 33 items.
F.18 Toronto Centre, 1975, Recruitment information, January 11 1975, 1 item.
F.19 Toronto City, 1973, List of motions re. Toronto Reorganization, October 23 1973, Carbon ts., 1p.
F.20 Toronto East, 1974 - 1975, C.W.U. Report, 1974, T.A.C. Minutes, August 1974 (Larry Haiven), East Club Minutes, June 1974 (Brian), East Club Minutes, May 4 [1975], 4 items.
F.21 Toronto East, 1975, Reports, membership and fundraising information, January - March 1975, 28 items.
F.22 Toronto East, 1975, Reports and minutes, March - May 1975, 5 items.
F.23 Toronto East, 1975, Minutes of meeting, 16 November 1975, Draft and final versions, Ms., 2 items.
F.24 Toronto East, 1975, Minutes of meeting, 10 December 1975, Ms., 1 item.
F.25 Toronto East, 1974 & 1975, 2 leaflets.
F.26 Toronto - Labour Club, 1972 - 1973, Minutes of meetings, August 6 1972 - October 27 [1973], [ and November?], Ts. and ms., including loose leaves and a spiral notebook, Includes some National Office Minutes, 40 items.
F.27 Toronto - Labour Club, 1973, Lists of contacts and some minutes, September - October 1973, 9 items.
F.28 Toronto - Labour Club, 1973 - 1974, Reports and resolutions, 3 items. Also a letter from "Denise and Bob" to "Larry".
F.29 Toronto - Labour Club, 1973 - 1974, Minutes of meetings, March 1973 - July [1974], Loose leaves and a spiral notebook, 10 items.
F.30 Toronto - Newsletter contribution, 1 leaf.
F.31 Toronto - Task Organization Sheets, Blank.
F.32 Toronto - Ward 2 map.
F.33 Toronto - West, 1973 - 1976, Minutes, dues pledges, circulars, 54 items.
F.34 Toronto - West, 1973, Minutes of November - December 1973 meetings, 4 items.
F.35 Toronto - West, 1974, Minutes of March & April 1974 meetings, 3 items.
F.36 Toronto - West, 1974, Report, July 1974, and related material, 4 items.
F.37 Toronto - West, 1974, Minutes of August 1974 meeting, Task sheets, dues sheets, congress reports and blank forms, 19 items.
F.38 Toronto - West, 1975, Budget material and political reports, April - October 1975, 14 items.
F.39 Toronto - West, 1974 [1975], Notes, lists and leaflets, 7 items.
F.40 Toronto Wide, 1975 - 1976, Minutes of meetings, reports, plans, Constitution, Includes some national material, 17 items.

III NC Press and New Canada Files.

New Canada Press was the publishing arm of the Canadian Liberation Movement. It was responsible for the publication of New Canada, the C.L.M. newspaper and subsequently diversified into book publishing. After NC Press was dissolved in 1976 Steel Rail Press was formed by some of NC's former members.
These files contain editorial correspondence, general correspondence, financial material, drafts of articles and a complete run of the newspaper.

Box 9 New Canada, A - K
F.1 Acorn, Milton. Material relating to NC Press edition of Acorn's poems. Includes rough drafts of poems, Ms. (in M.A.'s hand?) and some ts. drafts, 17pp. total.
F.2 Acorn, Milton, 1972, C.L.M. statement about Acorn's reading at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Duplicated ts., 29 November 1972, 1p.
F.3 Advertisements for New Canada, 1973 - 1975, Also clippings, 1974 - 1975, 8 items.
F.4 Amchitka Island - H bomb blast, 1971, 2 items of correspondence, Draft of article[?], annotated ts., 1p., Leaflets and cuttings, 26 items.
F.5 Appeals [c.1972], Lists of names and notes regarding possible financial supporters, also one letter from a sponsor, 25 items.
F.6 [Article Material], - Draft piece on Canadian Labour Movement, Ts., 8pp.; - Draft piece on the class struggle and the C.L.M., Ts., 10pp.; - Draft piece on Industrial Democracy, Ms. and ts., 29pp.; - Report headed "What Happened to the Documents", re. events of January 12 1973, 3pp., 2 copies. - Notes [for articles?] headed "Agenda", "Telephone Organizer", "Organizing Committees", "Saskatoon Club", "New Canada Quotas", Ms., 23pp. - Paper by Caroline Perly: "The Worker-Peasant Alliance, Marxist Ideology and Ostensible Fact", duplicated ts., 24pp. - Leaflet and 2 newspapers.
F.7 [Article Material], [c.1971], Speech and article fragments and notes, Ts. and ms., 28pp.
F.8 [Canadian Party of Labour]. Photographs of demonstration, 13 items.
F.9 Catalogue, NC Press Fall 1973 catalogue.
F.10 China, List of publications from China available through NC Press.
F.11 Circulars, Leaflets issued by NC Press, c.1972, 8 items.
F.12 Circulars, Leaflets issued by NC Press, 1975, 3 items.
F.13 Circulars, Leaflets and pamphlet issued by NC Press, 1975, 6 items.
F.14 Complimentary List, Index cards and lists, 37 items.
F.15 Construction Workers [1971?], Draft article, 19pp. Also duplicated material relating to it, 22 items.
F.16 Contacts, Index cards with names and addresses, [Apparently from Ottawa branch], 25 items.
F.17 Calura, [1972], New Canada Statement headed "Government Protects U.S. Unions", 1 item.
F.18 Correspondence, 1971 - 1974, Incoming letters, Some draft articles and cuttings, 60 items.
F.19 Correspondence and Editorial Material, 1971 - 1975, Includes some Victor Campbell letters (see also Campbell, main series), also sections of articles, notes and circulars, 37 items.
F.20 Correspondence - Editorial, 1971 - 1974, Incoming and outgoing with some leaflets and duplicated material, 63 items.
F.21 Correspondence - Editorial and some Subscription, 1972 - 1975. Includes circulars to New Canada representatives and letters to/from them, 77 items.
F.22 Correspondence, 1973, Submissions to the editor, letters and articles, 8 items.
F.23 Correspondence, 1973, Letter and accompanying article submission, also research material, 6 items.
F.24 Correspondence, 1976, Re. winding up of NC Press, Includes lawyers' letters, Ms. notes on the situation, Correspondence with Robin Matthews (See also F.37 below), 29 items.
F.25 Criticism Unsigned letter concerning an issue of New Canada, Annotated ts., 1p.
F.26 Directors - NC Press, 1970, Copy of Letters Patent incorporating the company, 1 item.
F.27 Dunlop - Pirelli, 1970 - 1974, Draft of article, Ts., 2pp. Signed petition [1970], 1p. Also leaflet and cuttings, 29 items.
F.28 Financial, 1971 - 1975, Budget and accounts material, with information on New Canada subscriptions from various clubs, large file of material with original dividers retained.
F.29 Financial, 1974, Invoices, receipts, Notes regarding budget and expenses, also financial statements,
F.30 Financial, 1974 - 1975, As F.29 above, with some advertising material and cheque stubs, 122 items.
F.31 Financial, 1974 - 1975, Budget comparisons, reports of Managing Editor, Lists of accounts payable and receivable, 28 items. - see also Subscription files below.
F.32 Future Articles[?], 1969 - 1974, Drafts, notes and research material, also a small amount of correspondence, and some cuttings and photocopied material,
50 items.
F.33 Future Issue, Ideas for future articles[?], 6 items.
F.34 "Government Protects U.S. Unions", New canada Statement, [1972], 1p.
F.35 Haiven, Larry, 1972, Separation Papers.
F.36 The History of Quebec, Copy of NC Press Publication by Leandre Bergeron and Robert Lavaill, 1 item.
F.37 Keilty, Greg, 1976, Material relating to G.K.'s dismissal and closure of NC Press, Photocopied documents, including Robin Matthews correspondence (See also F.24 above), 21 items.
F.38 Keilty, Greg, 1976, TL(car.) by G.K. to Caroline Perly, April 21 1976, 1p.

Box 10 New Canada, L - T and issues of New Canada
F.1 Our Land. Draft of an article and Statement on the Economy, Ts., ms. and duplicated ts., 5pp.
F.2 Letterhead, NC Press.
F.3 Letterhead, New Canada.
F.4 Letters Pages, New Canada, File copies of letters pages from 2 issues, November 1970 and January 1971.
F.5 Matthews, R.D., Reprint of an article in Journal of Canadian Studies, November 1970, - see also F.24 and F.37 above.
F.6 Michailuc, L.P. Draft of article on Calura, Annotated ts., 6pp.
F.7 Newsclippings re. New Canada, 2 items.
F.8 Perly, Caroline, c.1976, Note by C.P.[?] to assistant [?], Also copy of circular letter regarding future of NC Press.
F.9 Photographs, Most are of NC Press display booths, 82 items.
F.10 Poems, by Dennis Lee and Milton Acorn, Photocopies, 2 items.
F.11 Posters, Advertising 2 books published by NC Press, 3 items.
F.12 Poster, Reproduction of New Canada front page, 1 item.
F.13 Poster and Promotional Material, New Canada posters and New Canada Quiz, August 1975, 2 items with duplicate copies.
F.14 Proofreading Guides, 2 items, duplicate copies.
F.15 Quebec [undated], Cuttings, notes and duplicated material, 6 items.
F.16 Quebec - Supplement [1970?], Drafts of articles and chronology of the events of the F.L.Q. crisis, Ms. and ts., 13pp.
F.17 Quebec, 1970 - 1972, Letter from Lucien Hamelin, duplicated material, also leaflets and cuttings, 25 items; and an issue of Le P'tit Quebec Libre.
F.18 Quebec, NC Press publucations list and poster re. L'Histoire du Quebec, 2 items.
F.19 Questionnaire, Reader survey for New Canada, Duplicated ts., 1 item.
F.20 Quill and Quire, Poster-type reprint of article on NC Press, 1 item.
F.21 Reports - New Canada, - Report to Congress, 1974, duplicated ts., 2pp. & duplicate, - Proposal for future expansion of New Canada, with budget projections, duplicated ts., 12pp. & duplicates.
F.22 Reports - NC Press, 1975, - Report re. distribution in Montreal, [January 1975], - Report of Quarterly Meeting, March 1975, 2 items. Also T4 and Revenue Canada statement, 2 items.
F.23 Report for Congress, 1975, Ms., 3pp.
F.24 Representative's Folder/Organizing Booklet, [1975?], Duplicated ts. in binder.
F.25 "Ryerson Yankee Prof. Assaults CLM Member', [1974], Article, draft, annotated ts., 5pp.
F.26 Sale of NC Press, 1974, Lawyer's ltters and legal documents, 5 items.
F.27 Sales and Promotion [1971 - 1972], Advertising leaflets, 3 items and duplicates. Also notes and sales rack agreements, 9 items.
F.28 Steel Rail Publishing, 1976 - 1977, Funding appeals, publicity, membership, administrative and finacial material, 18 items.
F.29 Subscriptions, 1971 - 1972, 1 envelope of slips and invoices.
F.30 Subscription Correspondence, 1972, Letters to/from Caroline Perly, 15 items.
F.31 Subscription and Financial Material,[1972 -1974], A large file of material with subject dividers retained.
F.32 Subscription Lists, 1973 - 1976, Ms. and photocopied lists, 58pp.
F.33 Subscription Drive, 1975, Strategy and planning sheets, sales report forms, club reports, notes, large file of material with subject dividers retained.
F.34 The Trade Union Movement of Canada, Promotional pamphlet for third edition, 1 item.
F.35 Write for New Canada, "How to" circular leaflet, 1 item.

New Canada
What follows are file copies of complete issues. A duplicate set of the periodical has been catalogued for Research Collections, Serials.
F.36 New Canada, vol.I, no.1 - no.7, February 1970 - November 1970.
F.37 New Canada, vol.II, no.1 - no.7, [no. 6 is unnumbered and marked "Special Supplement, September 1971", March 1971 - Nov./Dec. 1971.
F.38 New Canada, vol.III, no.1 - no.5, March 1972 - December 1972.
F.39 New Canada, vol.IV, no.1 - no.6, Feb./March 1973 - Nov./Dec. 1973.
F.40 New Canada, vol.V, no.1 - no.5, February 1974 - December 1974.
F.41 New Canada, index to vols. 1 - 5, Duplicated ts., 34pp.
F.42 New Canada, vol.6, no.1 - no.6, January 1975 - August 1975.
F.43 New Canada, vol.1, no.1, August 1977.

IV Audio Tapes

There are 2 large flat boxes and 1 small hollinger box full of cassette tapes relating to the activities of the C.L.M. The researcher is advised that the recording quality of most of these tapes is not good and some have been checked and found to be completely inaudible.

Box 11
This box contains tapes of the conference proceedings of the 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976 Congresses as well as a lengthy series of undated Congress tapes,
113 tapes total.

Box 12
This box contains tapes of: 1973 and 1974 Organizing School sessions, TAC Quarterly Meetings, 1974 & 1975, Annual Meetings, 1973 & 1976, Marxists-Leninist Group Meetings and Workshops, 1975, Series of tapes relating to lead poisoning, 1974 & 1975, 113 tapes total.

Box 13
This smaller box contains: TAC tapes, some relating to the Yankee Go Home Campaign, 1975, Tapes of radio broadcasts and C.L.M. songs, Also some undated and unidentifiable material, 35 tapes total.

V Material Received

The material which follows has been arranged according to its to its subject, or by title in the case of periodicals. It consists, for the most part, of published material received by the C.L.M. during the late 1960s into the early 1970s. In a few cases of organizations in which C.L.M. members were active, for example the Council of Canadian Unions, there is a small amount of correspondence or administrative material.

Box 14 A - Canadian Labour
F.1 Africa, 3 items.
F.2 Alive Magazine, August 1978. 1 issue.
F.3 Amchitka, 1971, 2 items
F.4 American Control of Candian Industry, Large file of newspaper cuttings, 1968 - 1972. Also research paper by Don Roebuck, 1967.
F.5 American Exile in Canada, 1968 - 1969, Amex Canada, 1969 - 1970, The Rebel, n.d.
F.6 Annual Reports, 1968 - 1971, 4 items.
F.7 Arctic, 1972, 2 cuttings.
F.8 Arctic Waters, 1968 - 1972, File of cuttings. - see also Water Pollution
F.9 Argentina, 1975, Newsletter, 1 item.
F.10 Art Gallery of Ontario, Envelope addressed to A.G.O.
F.11 Artscanada, May 1967, 1 issue.
F.12 [Astrological Predictions] 1 item - photocopied.
F.13 Auto Industry, 1970 - 1973, File of cuttings.
F.14 Auto Pact, 2 leaflets issued by Canadians to Abolish the Auto Pact.
F.15 Auto Pact, Copy of U.A.W. contract, 1965, Cuttings and leaflets, 1968 - 1972.
F.16 Banks, Trust and Insurance Companies, Cuttings, photocopied article and 2 pamphlets.
F.17 Beattie, James, Marx and Contemporary Economic Problems, 1 item.
F.18 [Bethune], Issue of Canadian Magazine, July 5 1975.
F.19 Black, David, As the Screw Turns, 1 item.
F.20 Black Nationalism in Canada, 1968 - 1972, File of cuttings.
F.21 Book Centre Inc., catalogue, 1975.
F.22 Books in Canada, September 1976, 1 issue.
F.23 British Columbia, Cuttings and a photocopy.
F.24 B.C. Newsletter, Aug. 1969, May, June/July 1970, 3 issues.
F.25 Burlington Golf and Country Club, 1975, 1 cutting.
F.26 CAIMAW, 1973 - 1975, Canadian Association of Industrial, Mechanical and Allied Workers, Newsletters, leaflets and photocopied material, 19 items.
F.27 CAIMAW, 1969 - 1975, Notes, newsletters, constitution leaflets, photocopied material, 38 items.
F.28 CAIMAW, Notes and draft article[?], with some correspondence, 11 items. - see also Kitimat below.
F.29 CALURA, 1968 - 1972, Notes, photocopies, leaflets and cuttings, 11 items.
F.30 Canadabooks, Catalogue, undated.
F.31 Canada Chine Friendship Association(Toronto), Announcement, 2pp. ( & duplicates), Also CCFA Newsletter, May 1971.
F.32 Canada's Economic Development, 1867 - 1952, Conference paper by O.J. Firestone, 1953.
F.33 Canadian Association Bulletin in Support of the Native Peoples, July 1975, 1 issue.
F.34 Canadian Communist League, 1 leaflet.
F.35 Canadian Dimension, 1967 - 1972, 5 issues and set of reprinted essays.
F.36 Canadian Electrical Workers, Newsletter, 1970, 1 issue.
F.37 Canadian Forum, 1976- 1977, 2 issues.
F.38 Canadian Government Publications, 1962 - 1969, 5 items.
F.39 Canadian Involvement in Vietnam, 1969, 1 item with other material interleaved.
F.40 Canadian Labour Comment, 1975 - 1977, 29 issues and page of notes.
F.41 Canadian Labour News and Views, October 1968, 1 issue.

Box 15 Canadian Labour Congress - Canadian Workers' Union
F.1 Canadian Labour Congress, 1970, 1976 - 1977, Published press releases, bulletins and newsletters, 26 items.
F.2 C.L.C., 1976, Pamphlets and circulars, 13 items.
F.3 C.L.C., 1969 - 1972, Newspaper cuttings, 6 items.
F.4 Canadian Nationalism, 1967 - 1969, Ms. notes, 9pp. Also one large file of newspaper cuttings.
F.5 Canadian Party of Labour, October 14 1976, Leaflet, 1 item.
F.6 Canadian Party of Labour, 1969 - 1971, Leaflets, notes, position papers, draft article[?], 37 items.
F.7 Canadian Review, 1974, 1 issue, vol. 1, no.1.
F.8 Canadian Textile Council, 2 TLs(car.) from Caroline Perly of Women in the Labour Force, subgroup of the Toronto Women's Liberation Movement (part of an article on verso), 2pp. Also one leaflet.
F.9 Canadian Textile Council - CTC Bulletin, 1967 - 1974, 12 issues.
F.10 Canadian Textile and Chemical Union, 1971, Draft article[?], circulars, cuttings. Also note from Gary to Caroline Perly [n.d.], 30 items.
F.11 Canadian Tribune, 1968 - 1976, 3 issues.
F.12 Canadian Union News, 1973 - 1976, 4 issues.
F.13 Canadian Union of General Employees, 1968 - 1972, 2 issues of The Independence, 1968, also 8 cuttings.
F.14 Canadian Union of Operating Engineers, 1969 - 1972, 1 leaflet, February 3 1969, also 3 circulars, 1972.
F.15 Canadian Union of Postal Workers, 1971, Draft article [?], 4pp. and 3 cuttings.
F.16 Canadian Union of Public Employees, 1969 - 1973, By-laws, collective agreement, pamphlet, leaflet, 3 photocopies, 32 items.
F.17 Canadian Union of Students, 1968 - 1969, Conference and position papers, including Ontario Radical Student Workshop material, 37 items.
F.18 Canadian Union of Students, 1968 - 1969, Circulars and position papers, 19 items.
F.19 Canadian Unionist, 1966 - 1970, 9 issues.
F.20 "Canadian Unions for Canadian Workers!", 2 leaflets issues by N.C.I.C.U.
F.21 Canadian Voice, 1976 - 1977, newsletters, 9 issues.
F.22 Canadian Worker, [1969] - 1970, [C.P.L. publication], 11 issues, also flyer and draft position statement[?].
F.23 Canadian Worker, 1976, [C.W.U. publication], 1 issue, December 7 1976.
F.24 Canadian Workers Project, Principles and draft programme, 1 item.
F.25 Canadian Workers' Union, Issue of Canadian Worker, Leaflets and cuttings, 6 items.
F.26 Canadian Workers' Union, 1976 - 1977, Large file full of newspaper cuttings. - see also Box 16, F.20 and F.35 and Box 22, F.36 below.

Box 16 Canadians for the Liberation - Communist Party
F.1 Canadians for the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, Bulletin, Issue #1, November 17 1967 - Volume 1, no.11, November 1968, in blue binder.
F.2 C.N.L.F. Bulletin, Bulletin #1, November 17 1967 - Volume 2, no.1, February 1969.
F.3 C.N.L.F., 1967 - 1969, Letterhead, position statement, cuttings and press releases, 37 items.
F.4 C.N.L.F., 1968 - 1971, Draft articles, position papers and leaflets, 9 items.
F.5 Canbooks Catalogue, [1971], 1 item.
F.6 Carpenter's Union, 1967 - 1972, Newsletters, leaflets, constitution, agreement, cutting and photocopied material, 11 items.
F.7 Cartoons, 4 items.
F.8 Chemical Workers - Kodak, 1 leaflet.
F.9 Children of God, 1 pamphlet.
F.10 China, 1967 - 1972, large file of cuttings.
F.11 China, 1967, Photographs with captions, 64 items.
F.12 China, 1967, Photographs with captions, 28 items.
F.13 China, 1966 - 1976, Position papers and newsletters.
F.14 China, 1965 - 1978, Magazines, an article reprint and a catalogue, 9 items.
F.15 China Features, c. 1977, News releases with accompanying photographs, Most unopened in brown envelopes, 50 items.
F.16 C.I.A., 1972 - 1973, 3 cuttings.
F.17 Codetermination, 1966 - 1971, Photocopies of 2 articles.
F.18 Committee for an Independent Canada, Constitution, pamphlets, leaflets and cuttings, 11 items.
F.19 Committee to Cut Back Food Prices, Inglis strike leaflet, 1 item.
F.20 Committee to Found the Canadian Workers Union, Appeal leaflet, 1 item.
F.21 Communist Party of Canada, 1 leaflet.
F.22 Communist Party, Pamphlets, leaflets and photocopied material, 8 items. - see also Box 15, F.11.

Box 17 Construction - Europe
F.1 Construction Workers, Leaflet headed "Teamsters" issued by Canadian Concrete Forming Workers Union, in English and Italian, 2 items.
F.2 Construction Workers, 1969 - 1970, Cuttings and leaflets, 50 items.
F.3 Construction Workers, c.1970, Article drafts [by Gary Perly?], notes, Leaflets drafts, leaflets, Italian translations, cuttings, 49 items.
F.4 Construction Workers, 1970, Letterhead, leaflets, notes, 12 items.
F.5 "Cops" [original file heading], 1968 - 1972, Large file of cuttings.
F.6 Council of Canadian Unions, 1969, Binder of material relating to the Sudbury Convention, July 1969, Raymond Pelletier's file.
F.7 Council of Canadian Unions, 1967 - 1969, Submissions, correspondence, material relating to 1969 Convention, leaflets, pamphlets and newsletters.
The correspondence is between Kent Rowley and Caroline Perly, head of Women in the Labour Force, 31 items.
F.8 Council of Canadian Unions, 1970 - 1971, Circulars, Correspondence (Rowley, Caroline Perly, Wesley Thompson), Material relating to 1970 Convention,
Minutes of CCU meetings, Resolutions and notes, 52 items.
F.9 Council of Canadian Unions, 1972, Minutes, Correspondence, Material relating to 1972 Convention, Notes, drafts, articles, newsletters, 35 items.
F.10 Council Canadian Unions, 1972, Duplicate copies of correspondence.
F.11 Council of Canadian Unions, 1972[?], Draft article[?].
F.12 Crisis in Social Science, Radical student material - circulars, 32 items.
F.13 Crisis on the 49th Parallel, 1971, Pamphlet issued by Seneca College.
F.14 Cuba, 1967 - 1969, Large file of cuttings.
F.15 C.U.G.E. - C.N.T.U., 1973, Pamphlet.
F.16 Culture - Canadian, 1971 - 1972, Cuttings, leaflets, pamphlets, article reprints, 30 items.
F.17 - F.24 Cuttings, 1968 - 1976, files of newspaper and magazine cuttings on a variety of topics, F.24 contains only material relating to labour.
F.25 Economic Aspects of U.S. Imperialism, 1966, Radical Education Project pamphlet by Harry Magdoff.
F.26 Egypt/Arabs, 1967 - 1969, File of cuttings.
F.27 85% Canadian Quota Campaign, December 1973, 1 issue of newsletter.
F.28 En Lutte, March & April 1976, 2 issues, also notes and photocopies, 3 items. - see also Box 18, F.18 below.
F.29 Energy and Resources, 1970-1973, Annual Reports, cuttings, leaflets, 19 items. - see also Water, Box 25 below.
F.30 Eritreans for Liberation, 1976, 4 pamphlets.
F.31 Europe -- Eastern, 1968-1969, Large file of cuttings.
F.32 Europe -- Scandinavia, 1972, 1 cutting.
F.33 Europe -- Western, 1968- 1973, Large file of cuttings, 1968-1969. Also some leaflets, pamphlets and notes, 1970- 1973.

Box 18 Farm Policy to Latin America
F.1 Farm Policy, 1968-1972 Brief and cuttings.
F.2 Farmers [1968?] -1971, Draft article, blank questionnaires, cuttings and leaflets, 8 items.
F.3 Foreign Banks, Published report. Also 2 photocopied pages.
F.4 Foreign Ownership, 1978, 1 cutting.
F.5 The Forge, 1 issue, February 1977.
F.6 Foreward, 1 issue, October 1976.
F.7 Gays, 1 leaflet re Labour's Day of Protest.
F.8 The Grad Post, 1 issue, March 1974.
F.9 Haiti, 1975, 4 leaflets.
F.10 Halifax Communist Group, photocopied article.
F.11 The Hamilton Examiner, 1 issue, 1975.
F.12 Hong Kong, 1967, 3 cuttings.
F.13 l' Humanite Rouge, 1971, 2 issues.
F.14 House of Commons Debates, Hansard, May 7, 1975.
F.15 Immigration and Citizenship, 1972, 4 cuttings, and copy of an open letter to the Minister.
F.16 Immigration and Population Study, 1975, With draft article[?], 4 pp.
F.17 Imperialists and Corporations [original file heading], 1972, 4 cuttings.
F.18 In Struggle! , 1976-1977, 3 issues of the newspaper. Also 4 leaflets. see also En Lutte! above, Box 17, F.28.
F.19 The Independence, 1972, 2 issues, May & July 1972.
F.20 Independence News, 1975-1977, 5 issues.
F.21 The Independencer, 1 issue.
F.22 India-Pakistan, 1967-1972, file of cuttings.
F.23 Indonesian Tribune, 1968, 1 issue.
F.24 Industrial Accident Prevention Association, 1977, 1 circular.
F.25 Industrial Worker, 1972, 1 issue.
F.26 Industrial Workers of the World, 1971, Letter to Caroline and Gary Perly, & 2 enclosed pamphlets.
F.27 Industrial Workers of the World, 1972, Briefs, reports, position papers, circulars, offprints of articles and photocopied material, 20 items.
F.28 Inner Space, 1969, 1 issue.
F.29 The Insurgent Sociologist, 1977, 1 issue.
F.30 Israel, 1967-1972, File of cuttings.
F.31 Italian Publications, 1971, 4 items.
F.32 Italy, 1972, 2 cuttings.
F.33 J'Accuse, 1971, 1 issue.
F.34 Jerusalem Times, 1976, Circular letter, received unopened.
F.35 Kitimat, B.C. , 1972, Notes, draft of article, proposed CWU Constitution, newsletters, leaflets, photocopied material, cuttings, 26 items.
F.36 Laborers' Union, 1972, 1 cutting.
F.37 Labour, 1967, 3 issues.
F.38 Labour, Photocopied chapter and 2 pamphlets.
F.39 Labour, 1968-1972, Some leaflets (relating to Dunlop), report proposal of Canadian Labour Study Group (includes G. & C. Perly), 6 items total. Also large number of cuttings.
F.40 Labour, 1975-1976, Cuttings and newspapers, 4 items.
F.41 Labour, 1975, File of cuttings.
F.42 Labour - Ontario Government Publications, 1969- 1970, 8 pamphlets and 2 cuttings.
F.43 Labour Action, 1970, 1 issue.
F.44 Labour Challenge, 1971, 1 issue.
F.45 Labour Legislation, 1970-1972, Cuttings and photocopied material, with a duplicated transcript of a C.B.C. editorial by Larry Michailuc, 12 items.
Labour Review - see O.F.L. below, Box 19, F.37.
F.46 Last Post, December 1969-May 1971 & June 19, 1975, 7 issues in blue binder and 1 loose issue.
F.47 Latin America, 1968-1969, Report, article and circular, 3 items. Also large number of cuttings.

Box 19 Lead to O.F.L.
F.1 Lead Poisoning, 1976, Environmental Hearing Board report and pamphlet.
The Leaflet - see Pulp and Paper Workers below.
F.2 League for Socialist Action, 1969, 1 leaflet.
F.3 Left Leaf, 1965-1966, 4 issues.
F.4 Liberals and Trudeau, 1968-1970, File of cuttings.
F.5 Long Live the Victory of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, 1971, Pamphlet.
F.6 Lord, Barry. The History of Painting in Canada, NC Press, 1974.
F.7 Louis Riel Press, 1971-1972, 9 issues.
F.8 Madawaska,1975, Notes, cuttings and leaflet.
F.9 Mao. Pamphlets concerning his works, 6 items. /P> F.10 Maritimes, 1972, 6 cuttings.
F.11 Marxist-Leninist Material, 1967-1968, Letter from Caroline Perly to P.W., Vancouver Branch, January 5 1968. Also letter (Abe Manheim) relating to bookstore, 1967, with M.-L. leaflets and pamphlets, 24 items.
F.12 Mathews, Robin. The Geography of Revolution, Collection of poetry, 1974.
F.13 Militant Worker, 1976, 1 issue.
F.14 Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers, 1970- 1972, photocopied correspondence, 3 items. Also 2 newspapers.
F.15 Mowat, Farley [1966?], Canada's Role in Vietnam, pamphlet.
F.16 The Mysterious East, 1970-1971, 7 issues.
F.17 Nasha Survival Catalogue, 1975, 1 item.
F.18 National Committee for Independent Canadian Unions, 1 leaflet.
F.19 National Farmers' Union [1971], 1 newsletter.
F.20 National Liberation Front, 2 negatives, 1 photograph and 1 caption, see also Canadians for the National Liberation Front, Box 16, F.1 above.
F.21 The Nationalist, 1969, 2 issues.
F.22 Native People's Caravan, 1975-1976, receipt, notes, circular and 1 issue of Canadian Dimension, 4 items.
F.23 Native People's Struggle, 1975, 1 issue.
F.24 Native Rights -James Bay, 1973. Notes on a panel discussion, Ottawa, 1 item.
F.25 New Democratic Party - Federal, 1969-1970, Waffle newsletter and circulars, C.L.M. pamphlet on Waffle, Discussion paper from 1969 Winnipeg Conference, 9 items.
F.26 New Democratic Party - Ontario, 1965-1970, Constitution and financial statements, minutes of Provincial Executive Meeting, March 1965, report, Labour in Ontario, also 3 leaflets.
F.27 New Democratic Party, 1967-1970, File of cuttings. See also Waffle, Box 24, F.1-F.3 below.
F.28 New Year Country, 1975-1977, 3 issues.
F.29 Nigeria, 1967-1972, Cuttings.
F.30 North West Territories, 1972, 2 cuttings.
F.31 Ojibway Warrior's Society, 1974, 1 pamphlet.
F.32 Old Mole, 1976, 1 issue.
F.33 Ontario, 1971-1972, 2 maps and Thunder Bay brochure.
F.34 Ontario Federation of Labour, 1966-1967, 2 submissions.
F.35 O.F.L. - C.L.C. , 1969-1971, Resolutions, circulars, press releases, conference material, addresses and leaflets, 35 items.
F.36 O.F.L. , 1976-1977, circular and convention report, 2 items.
F.37 O.F.L. , 1977, Labour Review, 1 issue.
F.38 O.F.L., 1977, Decisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, March, April and June, 1977.
F.39 Ontario Libertarian Party, 1975, 1 leaflet.

Box 20 Palestine to Progressive Labor.
F.1 Palestine Liberation Front, 1967-1972, Pamphlets, brochures and circulars, 24 items.
F.2 Panhellenic Liberation Movement (P.A.K. ) , Circulars and leaflets, 11 items. Also large selection of cuttings, 1967-1969.
F.3 Le Parti Acadien, 1 cutting.
F.4 Parti Québécois, 1 cutting; see also F.19 below.
F.5 Peace and Anti-War Movements, c.1972, 2 brochures, 1 leaflet and 2 cuttings.
F.6 Peking Review, 1966-1967, 1 issue, October 1966, 10 issues, January- June 1967.
F.7 Peking Review, 1968, 23 issues, January- September 1968, in binder.
F.8 Peking Review, 1968, 17 issues, September-December 1968, in binder.
F.9 Peking Review, 1972-1973, 16 issues, July 1972-March 1973.
F.10 Peking Review, 1975, photocopied sections of September 1975 issue, in binder.
F.11 Peking Review, 1977, 1 issue, December 1977.
F.12 People's Canada Daily News, [1976], 1 issue.
F.13 The People's History of Cape Breton, 1 pamphlet.
F.14 Picton Women, 1967-1968, Silex Strike material. Notes, leaflets, circulars and cuttings, 20 items.
F.15 Political Parties and Organizations, 1972. Pamphlets and circulars, 7 items and 1 cutting.
F.16 Political Parties, 1967-1969. Large file of cuttings.
F.17 Politics of Publishing, Position paper[?], 1 item.
F.18 Pollution, 1969-1972. Large file of cuttings.
F.19 Praxis, 1968, 1 issue, August 1968.
F.20 Le Programme L'Action Politique, Parti Québécois pamphlet, 1975.
F.21 Progress Book List, 1 item.
F.22 Progressive Conservative Party, 1972. Small file of cuttings.
F.23 Progressive Labor, 1963-1965, 9 issues. In binder.
F.24 Progressive Labor, 1967. 2 issues.
F.25 Progressive Labor, 1968. 2 issues.
F.26 Progressive Labor, 1969. 4 issues.
F.27 Progressive Labor, 1971. 1 issue.
F.28 Progressive Labour, 1968-1970. Photocopied article material and circulars, 3 items.

Box 21 Progressive Worker to Russia
F.1 Progressive Worker, January-December 1965. In binder.
F.2 Progressive Worker, October 1965-November 1966. 8 issues.
F.3 Progressive Worker, January-November 1966. In binder.
F.4 Progressive Worker, January-December 1967. 12 issues.
F.5 Progressive Worker, March 1968-February 1969. 9 issues.
F.6 Progressive Worker, [1969], 1 issue [vol. 6, no. 1].
F.7 Pulp and Paper Workers, 1966-1976. Constitutions, notes, union history, and 2 newspapers, 7 items total.
F.8 Pulp and Paper Workers, 1968-1972. 8 issues of newsletter; The Leaflet, and 3 other items.
F.9 Pulp-Sulphite Workers, 1969. 2 cuttings.
F.10 Quebec, 1967-1969. Newsletters and newspapers, 9 items.
F.11 Quebec, 1971-1972. Notes, photocopies, pamphlets, leaflets, 17 items. Also some cuttings.
F.12 Quebec - Yvon Deschamps, 1 cutting.
F.13 Quebec Labour, 1971-1972. File of cuttings.
F.14 Racism in Canada, 1975. 1 article.
F.15 Radical Education Project. 1 leaflet.
F.16 Railway Workers [c.1969]. Notes, leaflets and cuttings, 7 items.
F.17 Rand and Wood Reports. 3 items.
F.18 Rassemblement Pour l'Independance Nationale, 1967. Copy of letter from Gary Perly, October 1967. Draft article, 1 p. Constitution, circulars, cutting and newspapers, 12 items.
F.19 R.C.M.P. Small file of cuttings.
F.20 Red Star Collective, 1977. 1 pamphlet.
F.21 Renfrew County Patriot, 1975. 1 issue.
F.22 R.W.D.S.U. Bulletin, 1972, (Retail, Wholesale and Dept. Store Union), 1 issue.
F.23 Revolutionary Marxist Group, 1 leaflet.
F.24 Russia, 1966-1970. Large file of cuttings, circulars and magazines.

Box 22 Science to United
F.1 Science and Technology. Photocopied and duplicated material, 5 items.
F.2 Service Employees International Union, 1967-1968. Lists and leaflets, 7 items, and some cuttings.
F.3 Singles Society International, 1977. 1 pamphlet.
F.4 Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1967-1968. Notes, newspaper, 2 items. Also some cuttings.
F.5 Social Planning Council of Toronto 1970-1971. Circulars, leaflets, pamphlets and cutting, 25 items.
F.6 Solidaire, 1972- 1974, 4 issues.
F.7 S.O.S. Garderies, 1976-1977. 2 circular letters.
F.8 South Africa, 1972, 1 cutting.
F.9 Southeast Asia, 1967-1968. Small file of cuttings.
F.10 Sports, 1971-1972. Leaflet and some cuttings.
F.11 Status of Women News, 1978. 1 issue.
F.12 Steel Labour and Steel Shots, 1969-1970, 5 issues.
F.13 Students, 1968-1972. Leaflets, pamphlets, circulars, cuttings, newsletters, position statements, notes, 58 items.
F.14 Sudbury, 1968-1969. Large file of cuttings.
F.15 Teamsters, 1970-1971, 1 newsletter and 6 cuttings.
F.16 Textbooks, 1972. 1 cutting.
F.17 Textile Industry, 1969. Hanes Strike. Notes, leaflets, newsletters, cuttings, 12 items.
F.18 Textile Workers of America, 1976. Circular, 1 item.
F.19 This Magazine, 1974-1977. 2 issues.
F.20 This Paper Belongs to the People, 1969-1970. 3 issues.
F.21 Toronto, 1970-1972. Minutes, circulars, newsletters, map, cuttings, 11 items.
F.22 Toronto -- Alliance Against Racism, 1 newsletter.
F.23 Toronto Clarion, 1977. 1 issue.
F.24 Toronto - Labour Council Songs. 1 leaflet.
F.25 Toronto - Library, 1977. Planning, Monthly Report.
F.26 Toronto Student Movement [1960s-1970s]. Reports and notes, 4 items.
F.27 Toronto - Ward 6 Community Organization, 1973, 2 items.
F.28 Transportation Employees Canadian Union, 1973, 2 leaflets.
F.29 "Trots"[Young Socialists], Newsletter and leaflets, 3 items.
F.30 Trotskyism, 1973. Photocopies of article, 1 item.
F.31 True North, 1975. 1 issue.
F.32 Unemployment, 1972. 2 newspaper cuttings.
F.33 Union Farmer, 1972. 1 issue.
F.34 Union Leaflets, 1968-1969. Various leaflets and position papers, 49 items.
F.35 Union Newspapers and Leaflets, 1968-1969. 13 items.
F.36 Union Notes, Minutes, Leaflets and Newsletters, 1970-1972. 14 items and some cuttings. (Minutes apparently relate to C.W.U. meeting, October 1972.)
F.37 Unite the Many, Defeat the Few, [1972]. Pamphlet by Jack Smith.
F.38 United Autoworkers, 1971-1972. Notes, newsletter, leaflets, 5 items, and some cuttings.
F.39 United Electrical Workers, 1973. Agreement between Brown Boggs and U.E. , 1 item.
F.40 United Fishermen and Allied Workers, 1971. 2 leaflets and 1 cutting.
F.41 United Nations. 1 leaflet.
F.42 United Oil Workers Union. 1 leaflet.
F.43 U.S. American Friends of Canada. 1971-1972. Photocopied research material, notes and a draft article, 27 items.
F.44 U.S.-Canadian Relations, 1972. Small file of newspaper cuttings.
F.45 U.S. Economy, 1968-1969. File of cuttings.
F.46 U.S. Politics, 1967-1971. File of cuttings.
F.47 U.S. Radical Publications, [1960s]. Publications of the Radical Education Project, Some duplicates, 9 different items.
F.48 United Steelworkers of America, 1967-1973. Letter from I.W. Abel to a Local Treasurer. Letter from Steel Shots editor to Ralph [Ellis?]. Agreements, leaflets and notes, 9 items and some newspaper cuttings.
F.49 Universities - Student Power, 1967-1969. Large file of cuttings.
F.50 University Government, 1969. Drache Commission Report.
F.51 University of Toronto, 1971-1972. Staff Directory.
F.52 University of Toronto Worker. Issue # 2.

Box 23 Uraguay to Yanqui Dollar
F.1 Uruguay - Political Prisoners, 1 leaflet.
F.2 Vallieres/Gagnon. 1970-1972. Draft articles (New Canada) and a copy of a letter.
4 items. Also large number of cuttings.
F.3 Vietnam, 1968-1973. Position statement, draft article. leaflet. Research material and map, 9 items. Also some cuttings.
F.4 Vietnam Newsclips, January-October 1968. Cuttings from Toronto papers mounted in thick binder.
F.5 Vietnam Youth, 1966-1967. 4 issues and leaflet.
F.6 Waffle Labour Caucus [c.1970?]. Leaflet, newsletter and file folder.
F.7 Waffle, 1970-1972. Position papers, leaflets, newspaper, 23 items and some cuttings.
F.8 Waffle, leaflet On Labour by Robin Mathews, 2 different editions.
F.9 Warpath, [1975?] , 1 issue, vol. 1, no. 2.
Water and Water Pollution - see Box 24.
F.10 Welfare Services, 1968-1969. File of cuttings.
F.11 West Indies, 1968-1970. Small file of cuttings.
F.12 Western Guard/Birch Society, 1972. 2 cuttings.
F.13 Western Voice, 1975-1976. 3 issues.
F.14 Wiener Strike. Pamphlet.
F.15 Women, 1966-1969. Newsletters, minutes, briefs, position papers, articles, bulletins, 50 items.
F.16 Women in the Labour Force, [1967]. Position paper by Caroline Perly. Also leaflets and circulars, 5 items.
F.16 Women's Liberation Movement (C.P.L. ). Notes and memoranda, 5 pp.
F.17 Women's Liberation Movement, 1966-1970. 2 TL(car), by Caroline Perly of the W.L.M., and 1 reply, 1969. Also position papers, pamphlets, newsletters, 50 items and some cuttings.
F.18 Women -- Working. Pamphlets and photocopies, 10 items.
F.19 The Worker, January 1969-March 1971, 25 issues and a bulletin entitled The British Working Class and its Party, April 1971.
F.20 Workers' Action. Promotional leaflet.
F.21 Workmen's Compensation Act. 2 copies of leaflet.
F.22 World Federalists, 1968-1969, 8 pamphlets and 2 cuttings.
F.23 World Federation of Trade Unions, 1968-1969, 5 pamphlets and poster.
F. 24 Yanqui Dollar. Pamphlet.

Box 24 Water and Water Pollution
F. 1 Mercury Book - Notes, Ms. 3 pp .
F. 2 Research Material, 1973-1977. Notes, photocopies, leaflet and cuttings, 11 items.
F.3 Research Material, 1973-1977. Pamphlets, leaflets, photocopied material and cuttings, 16 items.
F.4 Research Material, 1976-1977. Pamphlets, cuttings, newspapers, press releases and photocopies, 18 items.
F.5 Minamata, book about water poisoning by W.G. and A.M. Smith.
F.6 Napawa [North American Water and Power Alliance]. Brochure and large folder of material, 2 items. Folder includes original correspondence to/from Gail Dexter, Brian Leekley and Gary Perly (1971-1972), as well as extensive research material.
F.7 Reed Paper. Anti-pollution leaflet.
F.8 Reed Paper - Research Material. Photocopies, periodicals and cuttings, 14 items.
F.9 Water. Book by J.S. Cram.
F.10 & F.11 Various cuttings on water pollution.

Box 25 Realia.
2 large flags with maple leaf design. Also one large blue flag with 2 white stars.

Boxes 26 and 27 Books and Pamphlets
Against U.S. Aggression, Hanoi, 1965.
American Crimes in Vietnam, Hanoi, 1966.
ApBac, Hanoi, 1965.
Bergeron, Leandre. Petit Manuel d ' histoire du Quebec, 1970.
Chroniques, vol. 1, no. 2, 1975.
C.I.S. Report #18. Paying for the Crisis, [ London] , [ 1977 ] .
Colombo, John Robert. Abracadabra, Toronto, 1967.
Diffusion Quebec, Montreal, n.d.
Dion, Gerard et Louis O'Neill. Le Chretien et Les Elections, Montreal, 1960.
Emerson, 1875-1975, A Centennial History, Emerson, Manitoba, 1975.
Engels, F. The Housing Question, Moscow, 1955.
Finnigan, Joan. Living Together, Fredericton, 1976.
The Ivory Comb, South Vietnam, 1967.
Kellerhals-Stewart, H. She Shoots, She Scores! Toronto, 1975.
Landa, Lenin on Rearing the Youth, [Moscow?], [n.d.] .
Lipton, Charles. The Trade Union Movement of Canada, 1827-1959. 2nd edition, Montreal, 1968.
Lipton, Charles. The Trade Union Movement of Canada. 1827-1959. 3rd edition, Toronto, 1973.
Lowenthal, Richard. World Communism, Oxford, 1964.
Made in Canada, Toronto, n.d.
Mao Tse-Tung. The Chinese Revolution, Peking, 1967.
The N.F.L. Hanoi, 1967.
Ontario Federation of Labour. Stewards' Handbook, 1965.
Origins. 5th issue, Hamilton, [1972?].
Palestine National Liberation Movement. They Claim There is No Resistance, [n.p. ] , [n.d. ] .
Parti Pris. Vol. 2, no. 5, January 1965.
People of Indonesia. Unite ..., Peking, 1968.
Public Health in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Hanoi, [1965] .
Quy Ky, Luu. The Vietnamese Problem, Hanoi, 1967.
Semyonov, Vadim. Aim: A Classless Society, [Moscow?], n.d.
Socialist Revolution, April-June 1976, California.
Socialist Unity Party of Germany. On the Situation in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Berlin, 1968.
Ta Thi Kien. An Heroic Girl of Bentre, South Vietnam, 1966.
Tate Gallery. Official Guide, London, 1970.
Unione dei Communisti Italiani. Sulla Via Dell'Insurrezione, Milan, 1971.
Unione dei Communisti Italiani. Per la Critica Economica-Politica, Milan, [n.d. ] .
United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, Manual for URW Shop Stewards, Ohio, n.d.
Vietnam Today. Hanoi, 1965.
Vietnamese Songs, Hanoi, 1966 & 1967 (3 volumes).
Vietnamese Studies. Agricultural Problems, Hanoi, 1967.
Vietnamese Studies. Events Over Past Months, Hanoi, 1965.
Beattie, Eleanor. The Handbook of Canadian Film, Toronto, 1971.
Bergeron, Leandre. Petit Manuel d'histoire du Quebec, [Montreal?], 1971.
Bissett, Bill. Air 10-11-12, Vancouver, 1972 (with an inscription to Milton Acorn).
Bissett, Bill. The First Sufi Line, Vancouver, 1973 (with an inscription to Milton Acorn).
A Bitter Dry Season for the Americans, Hanoi, 1966.
Brown, Roger et al. New Directions in Psychology. Canadian Medical Protective Association,
74th. Annual Report, Ottawa, 1975.
Censorship: Stopping the Book Banners, Writers' Union of Canada, Toronto, n.d.
Confession in an Impasse, Peking, 1969.
Echec, South Vietnam, 1967.
Genocide Crime in South Vietnam, South Vietnam, 1963.
Giap, General Vo Nguyen. The South Vietnam People Will Win, Hanoi, 1965.
Hammer and Rifle, Hanoi, 1966.
The Historical Development of the Indian Act, Treaties and Historical Research Centre, August 1978.
Ktorava, Alla. Le Visage de l'Oiseau de Feu, Montreal, 1978.
Lacouture, Jean. Vietnam: Between Two Truces, New York, 1966.
Lawson, Brigadier W.J. The Canadian Constitution, Ottawa, 1964.
Masefield, G.B., Famine, its Prevention and Relief, London, 1963.
Monte Alban Mitla. Official Guide, Cordoba, 1962.
Murderers of Children, Hanoi, 1966.
Notre Juste Combat. N.p., 1963.
On the 17th Parallel, Hanoi, 1965.
Parti Pris, Vol. 2, nos. 2 & 3, October & November 1964.
Peking's Provocation, Moscow, 1969.
Phoukout Stronghold, n.p., 1967.
Pitersky, Nikolai. International Security Forces, n.p. , n.d.
Premier Chou En-Lai Visits the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Peking, 1970.
Rains in the Jungle, n.p. , 1967.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Law and Order in Canadian Democracy, Ottawa, 1952.
Seeman, Ernest. What's Next? Huntingdon, n.d.
South Vietnam. Initial Failure of "Limited War", Hanoi, 1967.
South Vietnam. U.S. Biggest Operation Foiled, Hanoi, 1967.
Stalin, J. October Revolution, Moscow, 1957.
Swede, George. A Snowman. Headless, Fredricton, 1979.
Vietnamese Studies, 3 issues, Hanoi, 1964, 1965, 1966.
Volodarsky, L. USSR: Figures. Facts. Comparisons, Moscow, [1967].
Worthy Daughters and Sons of Lao People, n.p., 1966.

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