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Canadian company catalogues. First to Fourth Accruals

Canadian company catalogues collection. – 1865-1972. – 1.36 m of textual records.

First Accrual. 1865-1964. – 54 cm of textual records.– Catalogues are arranged in alphbetical order: Boxes 1-2. Boxes 3 and the beginning of Box 4 contain bound catalogues in alphabetical order.

Box 1
Alfred Lambert Inc. (Montreal, Ontario) – Fall & Winter Catalogue [Shoes]. 1937-1938
Alfred Lambert Inc. (Montreal, Ontario) – Fall & Winter Catalogue [Shoes]. 1939-1940
B. Greening Wire Co. (Hamilton, Ontario) – Wire Rope and Fitting. 1919
Babcock-Wilcox and Goldie McCulloch Ltd., Galt, Canada, "Steam Power Plant Equipment"
Baird Bros (Plattsville, Ontario) - [Desks], [191-?]
Bates and Innes (Carleton Place, Ontario) – Price List [Wood Products]. 1927
Boy Scouts Association (Ottawa, Ontario) – Price List of “Official” Uniforms, Equipment, Books. 1937
Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co., Hamilton, Cooling Recipes and Hewel Gas Ranges, [191-?]
C. Ross Co (Ottawa, Ontario) – [Textiles], 1900
C.H. Harness & Son (Winnipeg, Ontario) – New Bicycles Accessories and Repairs, 1945
C.H. Williams Manufacturing Company (Markdale, Ontario), 1876
Canada Foundries and Forging (Welland, Ontario), Craft of the Hammersmith, 1910
Canadian Blower & Forger Company (Kitchener, Ontario) – Catalogues No. 20 [Metal Goods]. ca.1920
Canadian Buffalo Forge Co (Berlin, Ontario) – General Catalogue [Metal Goods]. [190-?]
Canadian Buffalo Forge Co (Montreal, Quebec) – General Catalogue [Metal Goods]. 178. 1910
Canadian Potteries (Saint Johns, Quebec) – Canadian Vitreous China Sanitary Ware. 1935
Caverhill, Learmont & Co. (Montreal, Quebec) – Gun Catalogue. 1887-1888
Chase, Barker & Co. – Newton’s Earth Cabinet. [188-?]
Clare Bros. & Col, Jewel Stoves, [191-?]
Colin Reid (Bothwell, Ontario) – Baskets and Boxes, 1896
Dominion Rubber Company (Vancouver, BC) – Dominion Rubber Footwear. 1939-1940
Dunlop Footwear. Dunlop Summer Shoes. [195-?]
E&A Gunther Co (Brantford, Ontario) – Gunther’s Guide [Hardware]. [193-?]
E. Long Mfg. Co (Orillia, Ontario) – Lath, Picket and Salt Machinery. [192-?]
E. Long Mfg. Co (Orillia, Ontario) – Lath, Picket and Salt Machinery. [192?-]
Electric Auto Canada, Specifications & Answers to Questions, 1981
E-M-F Co. of Canada Ltd., Walkerville, Ont., "The Hypen", Vol. 1, no. 1, n.d. [1915?]
Eastern Hat and Cap Mfg. Co., Truro, Nova Scotia, The Eastern Cap for Dad and His Lad
Estey & Co (Saint John, New Brunswick) – Rubber Goods and Mill and Railroad Supply. ca.1890
Fairbanks, Morse & Co. – Instructions No. 2099 [Engines]. 1912
Findlay Bros. Co (Carleton Place, Ontario) – Illustrated Net Price List No. 68: Stoves and Ranges. 1928; 5 other col. catalogues
Freeman NYE (Lacolle, Quebec) – Catalogue of Through Bred Short Horned Durham Cattle. 1865
Galt Art Metal Co (Galt, Ontario) – Metal Ceilings and Walls. Decorative Interior Effects in Metal. 1914
Gardiner (Galt, Ontario) – Door, Sash, Columns, Mouldings. [193-?]
Gilson Mfg. Co (Guelph. Ontario) – Gilson Engines No. 25 & 26. [192-?]
Grant-Holden-Graham (Ottawa, Ontario) – Catalogue No. 7. [191-?]
Guildford & Sons (Halifax, Nova Scotia) – Tiger Brand High Pressure Packing. 1926
Hall and Fairweather (St. John, NB) – Wholesale Grocers, 1893
Halliday Co (Hamilton, Ontario) – Catalogue No. 67 [Hardware]. 1921
Hallam's Trappers Guide; John Hallam Limited, Toronto, 1915
Honderich Furniture Co (Milverton, Ontario) – Fall Catalogue. 1935
MacDonald Electric Limited, Kitchener, Ontario, featuring Columbia Lighting Features, 1964
McClary Quebec, stoves, 2 leaflets; McClary Quebec and McClary Canadian stoves, distributed by Geo. T. Hancock &Sons, Port Hope, Ont.
McGregor Banwell Fence Co. (Walkerville, Ontario) – Ideal Fence. [189-?]
McIntyre & Taylor (Montreal, Quebec) –  Fireplace Equipment. [193-?]

Box 2
J.C.M. McLaren Belting Co (Montreal, Quebec) – Leather, Fabric Belting, Card Clothing, Ferodo Break Lining, Asbestos Packing and Mill Supply. [194-?]
John Millen & Sons (Montreal, Quebec) – Gun Repair Parts & Gunsmith Tools. 1907
Kaufman Life Buoy Rubber Co (Kitchener, Ontario) – Rubber Footwear. 1924
Kelley & Glassey (Halifax, NS) – [Liquor]. [191-?]
London Shoe Co (London, Ontario) – Spring and Summer Catalogue. 1939
Metal Shingle and Siding Co (Preston, Ontario) – Sheet Metal Building Materials. 1926. Bound, not in file
Miner Rubber Co. (Granby, Ontario) – Miner Catalogue [Shoes]. 1938-1939
Office Specialty (Newmarket, Ontario) – Deluxe Suites: Desks, Chairs and Tables. 1931
Orville H. Short (Syracuse, New York) – The Runabout Wagon. [189-?]
Pedlar People Ltd (Oshawa, Ontario) – Pedlar’s Fireproofing Products. 1912
Pedlar People Ltd (Oshawa, Ontario) – Pedlar’s Farm Building Material. 1937
Pedlar People Ltd (Oshawa, Ontario) – Barn & Stable Equipment. 1934
Pedlar People Ltd. (Oshawa, Ontario) – Sheet Metal Building Material. [192-?]
Port Hope Sanitary Manufacturing Co. (Port Hope, Ontario) – Port Hope Enamelled Plumping Ware. 1933.
Quaker Oats Company (Peterborough, Ontario) – New Quaker Greater Premium Plan. 1938; The Quaker Way to Profit from Pigs, [195-?]
R. McDougall Co (Galt, Ontario) – Hand and Power Pumps. 1908
R.T. Holman (Summerside, PEI) – Holman’s Catalog [Textiles, Home Goods, Hardware]. 1927
Raymond Mfg. Co. of Guelph, The National Cream Separator
Redmond Co. (Montreal, Quebec) – Furs. 1917-1918
Renfrew Machinery Co. (Renfrew, Ontario) – Cook-Rite Combination Ranges. [193-?].
Robert Simpson's Co. (Toronto, Ontario) – Simpson's Great Summer Sale of Clothing. [192-?]
Simpson-Sears – Garden Catalogue. 1964
Stephenson & Lent Co. (Port Hope, Ontario) – Genuine "Hostess" Ovenwear. [189-?].
Stockmen’s Supply Co (Calgary, Alberta) – Everything for the Stockman. 1951
T. Eaton Co. (Toronto, Ontario) – Vente de Mi-Hiver ‘Eaton’. 1928
T.W. Boyd & Son (Montreal, Quebec) – Fire Arms, Sporting Goods, Bicycles & Materials. 1913
Thos. Davidson Mfg. Co (Montreal, Quebec) – Illustrated Catalogue and Price List [Metal Goods]. 1898
Tudhope-Anderson Co. Ltd. (Orillia, Ontario) – Cornona Ranges. [192-?]
Turko-Vapor Bath Co., Orillia, Ont., Remschel Turko-Vapor Bath Cabinet.
Victoriaville Furniture Company (Victoriaville, Quebec) – Catalogue No. 7. [191-?]
Warden King & Son (Montreal, Quebec) – The Daisy Water Heater, 1898
Windsor Supply Co. (Windsor, Ontario) – [Textiles, Hardware, Books, Watches], 1905
Worthman & Ward Mfg. Co. (London, Ontario) – Catalogue and Price List of Lift and Force for Hand and Windmill Use. 1889
W.A. Jenkins Mfg. (London, Ontario) – Royal Purple Stock and Poultry Specifics, [191-?]
W.E. Phillips Co. (Oshawa, Ontario) – [Moulding, Picture Frames, Mirrors, Glass, Windshields], 1926

Box 3 (Hard cover bound Catalogues; not in file folders)
Dominion Steel & Coal Corp. (Montreal, Quebec) – General Catalogue [Metals]. 1942
Fittings Ltd. (Oshawa, Ontario) – Catalogue No. 53 [Hardware]. [191-?]
Pedlar People Ltd. (Oshawa, Ontario) – Sheet Metal Building Material. [191-?]
Pedlar People Ltd. (Oshawa, Ontario) – Pedlar’s Metal Built Products. [192-?] James Wilson & Co (Montreal, Quebec) – Steamship & Mill Supplies
James Robertson Co (Montreal, Quebec) – [Hardware]. – [195-?]

Box 4 (Hard cover bound Catalogues; not in file folders)
Helderleigh Farms & Nurseries (Winona, Ontario) – Plants, Fruits, Vegetables. [191-?]
Thomas Robertson & Co. (Montreal, Quebec) – General Catalogue E. 1920

Second Accrual. – 1886-1972. – 32 cm of textual records.

Box 4 (continued)
Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Woodstock, Ont., General Catalogue no. 18, (water-damaged)
Risely & Kerrigan, Toronto. Illustrated Catalogue of Hardware, 1886)
J.T. Wing and Company, Limited, Windsor and Chatham, Ont., General Catalogue no. 38, [1938]

Box 5
F.1       Albert White I Col Ltd. Office Outfitters, Toronto, Ont. 40th Anniversary Sales Catalogue, 1976
F.2       Allcock, Laight & Westwood Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., 2 catalogues, 1935-36, 1936. Hunting equipment including guns
F.3       Athletes Wear Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Winnwell Wholesale Sports Equipment Catalogue, Spring-Summer 1960
F.4       H.F. Bailey & Son, Galt, Ont., 1916. Hinman Milkers
F.5       Beatty Bros. Ltd., Fergus, Ont., 1932, Beatty Pressure Systems, Self Oiling Pumps and Hand Pumps, No. 9 Catalogue
F.6       Bond Engineering Works Ltd., Toronto, Ont., 1948. Catalog No. K-38-C
F.7       Brantford Oven & Rack. Co. Ltd., Brantford Tilting concrete Mixers, Catalogue “e”, 1936. Also cover letter
F.8       William Buck Stove Company. Limited, Brantford, Ont., Happy Thought Cooking Ranges, ca. 1890s
F.9       “Buckeye, TheWorld’s Best Incubators” for chickens, 1917; distributed by Carters Tested Seeds, Toronto
F.10     Canada Chair Company, Toronto, 1968
F.11     Canadian China & glass Co. Ltd., Toronto, 1952; price list
F.12     Canadian Tire, Toronto, 2 catalogues, 1937 and 1938
F.12     Canadian Wm. A. Rogers Ltd., Toronto, [1939], silverware
F.14     Chas. A. Branston Ltd., “Sunshine Radiant, Invigorating and Healing Energy”, 1928; ultra-violet carbon arc lamps
F.15     De Laval Co. Ltd., Peterborough, Ont. 2 catalogues, one dated 1920; milking machines
F.16     Dominion Furniture Manufacturers Ltd., Ste. Thérèse, Que., 1939
F.17     R. Dillon & Son, Oshawa, Ont., farm hardware
F.18     T. Eaton Co. Ltd., 4 catalogues, 1937, 1955, 1976, n.d.
F.19     Globe Furniture Co. Ltd., Waterloo, Ont., [after 1910]
F.20     Griffith’s, Stratford Ont., Catalogue no. 17, 1930; harness and saddler, mitts and gloves, luggage, rubber goods
F.21     Gurney Found Co., Toronto and Montreal; boilers and radiators
F.22     Halliday Co. Ltd., Burlington, Ont., summer cottages, 1954
F.23     Hamilton Gear and Machine Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., 3 catalogues: no. 107, no. 113, no. 102-6, 3rd edition
F.24     Hudson’s Bay Co., 1962; conibear traps
F.25     Holland Bulb Gardens, Toronto, 3 catalogues: 1934, 1935, 1936
F.26     Imperial School Desks Ltd., Petrolia, Ont.
F.27     James Stewart Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Woodstock, Ont., catalogue no. 62; stoves, ranges, furnaces
F.28     Kelly Feed &Seed Co. Ltd., 4 catalogues: 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936
F.29     Kemp Manufacturing Co., Toronto, metal goods – domestic and industrial

Box 6
F.1       J.W. Kilgour & Bro. Ltd., Beauharnois, Que., 1939; furniture
F.2       MacDonald Sales, School Furniture, Toronto
F.3       MacLean Building catalogue, 1951 Spring-Summer Ontario edition
F.4       Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Ltd., Montreal, 1917
F.5       Manning, Maxwell & Moore Ltd., Galt, Ont., 1964; electric hoists, also a quotation letter
F.6       Massey-Harris Co., Illustrated Repair Parts List, No. 20A Drill; in English and French
F.7       Moyer School Supplies Ltd., Toronto, 1937-38
F.8       Moyer School Supplies Ltd., Toronto, ca. 1946, catalogue no. 61
F.9       Moyer Vico Ltd., Toronto, 1961-62, catalogue no. 77; school supplies
F.10     McClary Manufacturing Co., Camp Supplies
F.11     R.McDougall Co. Ltd., Galt, Ont., Hand and Power Pumps, Water Supplies, General Catalogue no. 19
F.12     McFarlane & Co., Toronto, novelties
F.13     Murray Clock Craft Ltd., Willowdale, Ont., catalogue no. 10a
F.14     Pannill Door Co. Ltd., Toronto, Tenth Anniversary Edition, 1929
F.15     Paris Playground Equipment Ltd., Paris, Ont., 3 catalogues, 1963, 1972, n.d.
F.16     Peter Hay Knife Co. Ltd., Galt, Ont., 1906
F.17     Provincial Natural Gas Company of Ontario, Ltd., “Helpful Hints for Housewives”; contains ads for Beach Foundry Ltd., Ottawa; Findlay Bros. Co., Ltd., Carleton Place, Ont.; Moffatts Ltd., Weston, Ont.; Gurney ranges and hot plates; Whittaker Gas Radiant Heaters; Humphrey Radiantfire; Buckeye Water Heaters, Clothes Dryer,s and Gas Incinerators; Payne Furnace & Supply Co. Inc., Beverley Hills, Cal.
F.18     Queen Street Auto Supply Co., Toronto, ca. 1929
F.19     H.R. Radomski & Co. Ltd., Toronto, 1964; Ardex and Iltis distributors
F.20     Record Foundry & Machine Co., Moncton, N.B., [after 1900]
F.21     Wm. Rennie Seeds Ltd., Toronto, 2 catalogues, 1931 and 1934
F.22     Semi-Ready Ltd., Montreal, 1910; wholesale tailors
F.23     Sentry Auto Stores, Toronto, 1937
F.24     Stedman Bros. Ltd., Brantford, 1917; wholesalers of general merchandise
F.25     Stockmen’s Supply Co., Calgary, 1950-51
F.26     Stradwick’s Ltd. (Wholesale Division), Toronto; floor coverings
F.27     Tisdall’s Factory to Pocket Jewellery Store, Toronto, 1913
F.28     United Novelties, Winnipeg, 1941-42
F.29     Wartman Ward Co., London, Ont., supplement to catalogue no. 15; lift and force pumps
F.30     Williams Tool Corp. of Canada Ltd., Brantford; lathe chucks
F.31     Wood Alexander Ltd., Hamilton, Ont., 1959; toys and winter sporting goods
F.32     Yale & Towne Mfg. Co., Canadian Division, St. Catharines, Ont. Catalog No. 23C, chain hoists and trolleys; supplied by The Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co. Ltd.

Third Accrual. – 1896-1959. – 48 cm of textual records.

Box 7
F.1       Allcock, Laight & Westwood Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ont. Guns and Ammunition Catalogue No. 52, [193-]
F.2       Arnprior Cabinet Co. Ltd., Arnprior, Ont., Library Bureau Office Furniture, n.d.
F.3       B.S. & M. Scales, Sherbrooke, Que. Catalogue No. 83 with price list, 1 June 1930
F.4       Birks Ellis Ryrie, Montreal, 1940 Year Book, with mailing envelope. Jewelry, silver, etc.
F.5       Bombardier Snowmobile Ltd., Valcourt, Que., Maintenance Manual and Spare Parts Lists, 1958
F.6       C.R. Crowley Ltd., Montreal, Artist Materials, Catalogue No. 18, 1959
F.7       Canadian Electrical Supply Co. Ltd., Montreal and Toronto, 1939 General Radio Catalogue
F.8       Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co. Ltd., Automobile Supplies, Catalogue No. 55B, [192-]
F.9       Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd., Fall & Winter 1941-42; Radio Accessories and Parts, 1940

Caverhill, Learmont & Co. Ltd., Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Wholesale Hardware, hard cover, 887 pages, [1930s or 1940s]; not placed in a file folder

F.10     Cluff Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Toronto, Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures, Catalogue “C”, 1913
F.11     Dominion Manufacturers Ltd., Ambulance Equipment, [1950s?]
F.12     Dominion Radiator Co. Ltd., Toronto, The Dominion Fitter, Safford Boilers & Radiators, n.d.
F.13     Eaton’s: T. Eaton Co. Ltd., Toronto, Fall and Winter Catalogue, No. 58, 1903-94; Fall and Winter Catalogue, 1906-07, No. 77; New Wall Papers, 1925

Box 8
F.1       Edward Webb & Sons (Canada) Ltd., Toronto; Floral Guide, 1945; Floral Guide, 1946; Garden Guide for 1952
F.1A    Flexible Shaft Co. Ltd., Toronto, Pocket Catalog of Stewart Industrial Furnaces, n.d.
F.2       Franke, Levasseur & Co. Ltd., Montreal, Wholesale Electrical Supplies, Catalogue No. 15
F.3       Frontenac Floor and Wall Tile Co. Ltd., Kingston, Ont., Ceramic Catalogue, 11 May 1922
F.4       Galt Brass Co. Ltd., Galt, Ont., Teck Flush Valves, n.d.
F.5       Garage Supply Co. Ltd., Toronto, Belleville, Hamilton, Catalogue No. 20, 1914-1936
F.6       International Harvester Co. of Canada Ltd., Hamilton, Ont. Lily and Primrose Cream Separators, Catalog No. 8,
F.7       J.A. Simmers Ltd., Toronto, Ont. Seed Catalogue, 1917
F.8       J. Frank Raw Company Ltd., Toronto, Mathematical and Surveying Instruments, Drawing Materials and Draughting Supplies, n.d.
F.9       John Millen & Son, Ltd., Montreal and Toronto, Automotive Equipment, Net Prices and Discounts Applying to Catalogue No. 62, 1919
F.10     Manufacturers Mail Order Co. Ltd., Toronto, Spring and Summer Fashions, 1933; with mailing envelope
F.11     Peterboro Fox Supplies, Peterboro, Ont., 1930 Catalogue; 1931 Catalogue
F.12     Princeville Chair Co. Ltd., Princeville, Que., Catalogue No. 39, Price List, 1939
F.13     Quebec Sales Co., Reg., Automobiles Accessories, Bulletin No. 10
F.14     Robert Simpson Co. Ltd., Toronto, Fall and Winter Catalogue No. 69, 1901-1902
F.15     S. Carsley Co. Ltd., Montreal, Dry Goods Importers, Summer Price List No. 7, 1896
F.16     Spramotor Ltd., London, Ont., Electric Water Systems, 1947
F.17     Stanley Works of Canada Ltd., Hamilton, Ont., Carpenter’s Nail Hammers, n.d.
F.18     Stedman Bros., Ltd., Brantford, Ont., Catalogue of General Merchandise, Post Cards and Pennants, 1914
F.19     Sydney I. Robinson Sporting Goods, Winnipeg, The Hunters Guide, 1956-57

Box 9
F.1       T.W. Boyd & Son, Montreal, Fire Arms, Sporting Goods, Bicycles & Material, 1907; Bicycle & Supplies, 1912-13;  Fire Arms, Sporting Goods, Bicycle & Materials, 1921 and n.d.
F.2       Thos. Anderson, Hamilton, Ont., Musical Instrument Catalog, Fall and Winter Season, 1924-25
F.3       Toronto Radio Company Ltd., Catalogue No. 14, 1928; radios, sport goods, fishing tackle
F.4       Toronto Radio & Sports Ltd., Radio Parts Catalogues, 1937 and 1939
F.5       Tudhope-Anderson Co. Ltd., Orillia, Ont. and Winnipeg, Happy Meals; Cornona, Raco and Marvel steel ranges, n.d.. Also Price Lists for Repair Parts for the Corona Range and the Taco Range.
F.6       Union Nurseries, Fonthill, Ont., The Garden Guide, n.d.

Hardcovers, not placed in folders
W.H. Cunningham and Hill, Ltd., Toronto, Specialties, Tools and Equipment for the Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and Sheet Metal Trades, General Catalogue “C”, 1950
Wilkinson Kompass Ltd., Hamilton and Toronto, Wholesale Hardware, Mill Supplies, Iron, Steel, General Catalogue No. 56, 1956

F.7       Wholesale Radio Company Ltd., Toronto, 1936 Summer Catalogue
F.8       York Belting Co., Toronto, Catalogue No. 31, 1940 Price List, Thresher and Transmission Supplies, Belting, Pulleys, Saws, Motors, etc.

Fourth Accrual. – 1920-1958. – 2 cm of textual records.

Box 10
F.1       Birks of Canada, 1957-1958.
F.2       Canadian Kodak Co., Limited, “Kodaks and Kodak Supplies”, Toronto, 1920.
F.3       T. Eaton Co.:
Eaton’s Groceries, Grocery Catalogue no. 24, Fall and Winter, 1925-1926.
            Eaton’s Mid Summer Sale, “Your Book of Bargains!”, sale ends August 31, 1933.
            Musical Instruments of Quality, prices effective until February 1, 1939.
Eaton’s supplement catalogue, “Extra Values to Add to Your Big Catalogue”, price effective until 28 Feb. 1934.
F.4       Lowerys Limited, Port Arthur, Ont. “Masterpieces by Royal Doulton”, col. illustrations, n.d. Also a price list effective 1 January 1957 issued by Doulton & Co. Ltd., Toronto. Written in pencil on the cover is “Herbert S. Mills personal”. Mills owned a china store in Hamilton, Ont.


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